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(no subject) [Aug. 28th, 2015|01:25 pm]
Total of level 60s on SWTOR is now 5. Inquisitor, Warrior, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, and Consular. 3 Imps so time for a Pub to get maxed. Hmm trooper or Jedi? I have a Jedi but am not really fond of her and started up a Togruta one which will probably replace her. It's getting to the end of August and the 12x xp will only last into October, not sure of exact date, so time to buckle down and get to it. The farther along you go, the more money you get. Granted, I've been selling off packs I've bought but am now at 7 million, which is a good nest egg for the future Wild Space packs. Not sure if they're dropping this month but at any rate, if they do drop Tuesday, I have only to wait a couple days to get a hypercrate through credits, rather than real money.

Smoky in town last weekend due the rash of wildfires and brother took off for the north to escape the smoke, only to find there's smoke there too. LOL. And that his car is not very comfortable to sleep in. It wasn't as bad on Sunday and is back to normal. And our summer heat looks to be over as the forecast says rain and temps in 70s all of next week, sister says it's supposed to be raining for the next month. LOVE THE RAIN lol.

Rented Until Dawn from Redbox, for, as much as I love horror movies and the idea of playing your own movie is kinda fun, the $60 price tag is too much for a game that might not have a lot of replay value. Well, it could, if the choices do really affect the outcome, but there's a lot of tedious stuff to do over and over to reach the point where you can make a different choice and see how it plays out.

Until Dawn spoilers!Collapse )
And got a call back again from Walmart for the new store, which was what I'd kinda intended the apply for, in the beginning. Overnight Dairy/Frozen Foods stocking. Which I'm willing to give a try and think I can do better than having to pull boxes off a truck and toss them on pallets. Yesterday went for interview, after the first they asked me to stay for a second interview, and then a third. Didn't get the third then because they tried calling references and my "references", i.e, brother in law and niece, weren't answering. Thankfully they called again today to ask if I was honest, if I was violent, and if I could do the job. Third interview today and third time to bullshit my way through questions with different answers. Running out of scenarios. 
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(no subject) [Aug. 6th, 2015|02:55 pm]
Here's our customer base in a nutshell:

Woman gets $55 sneakers for clearance price of $5. Still wants to get 10% off the tights and shorts she bought.


FUCK YOU SIDEWAYS WITH THE BIGGEST PIECE OF WOOD EVER. Cheapass Christian theater group. Well, you're not getting a tights card from ME. So THERE.

Lady, I don't know who you think you're fooling when you keep telling your son this isn't how we behave in a store as he messes around. This IS how he behaves in a store, because you don't seem to be curtailing the behavior. Also, I DID NOT APPRECIATE AT ALL you continously telling your daughters we'll just look online for leotards. Oh, you want a skirt with the shoes? You SURE you don't want to GO ONLINE and get it instead?

Another woman spends about 20 minutes letting her two girls try on leotards, the littler one especially even though she has no intention of buying her anything as she doesn't do gymnastics that often, and don't buy anything, even pooh-pooh the ones your daughter likes. I let your little one use the bathroom so she could pee a few drops into the toilet and then you continue to let her try on leotards you have NO INTENTION of buying. And proceed to sashay out, not buying anything. I don't give a fuck if your kids are driving you crazy at home and you're taking them out somewhere to give yourself a break, this is not a mall store where you gotta expect a certain amount of clothes trying on without sales.

This other lady, she gave her daughter the very APT name of Patience, for she must have known she would need a lot of patience in dealing with her. OY VEY. 
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(no subject) [Jul. 20th, 2015|03:30 pm]
Started my 3rd week of mall walks. I think I must be building endurance or something for my lower back didn't start aching til I was halfway through my last lap. Sister has asked niece if it was okay for me to have her bike and approval has been given so eventually bike will come to me. I figure I will do the mall walks during the week and do some bicycle riding on the weekends. Early in the morning, like I was doing my walks, when there is less traffic. Biking should help with the knees.

Also have cut Coke intake down to one can a day during the weekdays. Been drinking bottled water and when I crave something with flavor I get lemonade. Next step: cutting down on the food intake. ONE PLATE is enough. Just because something tastes good doesn't mean you should gorge yourself.

Tried one of the burgers at the local Round Table Pizza, as part of their new clubhouse menu. They need to stick to pizza. The half pound hamburger patty, if it was seasoned at all, it was done with the quickest of shakes. And as this location is skimpy with their sauce, the burger was pretty dry, with only a quick swipe of bbq sauce at the end of the bun. People, grease is NOT sauce. If it was a decent burger, it would be shareable as it was kinda big and I had no room for more than a couple french fries, which were also ho-hum. I make better burgers at home, most definitely. Niece's place of work makes better burgers. 
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(no subject) [Jul. 16th, 2015|02:00 pm]
The new management rep has the very apt last name Fuhrer and waltzed her condescending ass in to look for sister and told me to relay the message that it was "imperative" for her to speak to her. So I spin a portrait of her to sister over the phone, exaggerating a bit but apparently not that much, for sister said when she talked to her, I was not exaggerating at all in describing her bitchy self. She was condescending and bitchy over the phone, all about late rent payment. NINE FUCKING YEARS HERE and all of a sudden they're throwing hissy fits over the rent being late. NINE YEARS. There are all sorts of empty spots in the complex and the most recent addition was a tobacco/vape shop, which I was not thrilled about AT ALL. Fuck Der Fuhrer. Honestly, you marry someone with that name, you gotta expect a fair amount of ribbing. And boy is that ribbing well deserved.

Second customer of the typically slow day is an old biddy who first wants to know what size an adult large is. It varies according to body type, I say, in so many words, because, really, unless you've seen the person you can't really determine what size they might be. Skinny, plump, fat, long, short, so many factors to take into account. Biddy looks at price and says, it's so EXPENSIVE! I say, our leotards are expensive? in honest incredulity. She says yes and I say the ones at the gym are more expensive. Oh, they're $34-35 dollars there, same thing, the biddy who failed at math says. So a $27 leotard is the same as a $34 leotard, I say, which apparently went over her head. Our adult leotards run from $24-27 which is not expensive at all. She wants the $15 cap sleeve cotton leotard in kids size for adult size and of course it's not going to be the same price. Making the $7 jump might be hard to stomach going from child large to adult x-small but child large to adult large is a big difference, it's almost twice as much fabric.

So she mumbles around for a while and leaves eventually. This is what I don't get about adults, how they're unwilling to pay for something for a child and yet have no problem blowing that same amount of money on themselves, for frivoulous things like a manicure or hair dresser or, hell, lattes for every day of the week. Hey, I'm cheap but I paid out $60 for Winnie the Pooh sneakers for niece and then added in a T-shirt she expressed interest in.


Joined a new guild in Old Republic because I am a glutton for punishment and they must mainly be on during the weekends for I've seen at the most 5 online this week and a lot of my gaming time I'm the only one. Back to the conquest grind! On one planet someone was commenting/bragging on having finished their 35k conquest points goal in about a day and made me all jealous and incredulous. Sat down to figure it out and with crafting, you can get this done in about a day if you have all the materials already. 5 companions doing 5 sets makes for 25 in 5 hours. Each invasion weapon crafted gives 500 points. So in 5 hours you get 12,500 points. You need 3 sets to reach goal which would take 15 hours. BUT the stumbling block is having the materials. To do 5 at once with 5 companions you need 300 of each three materials. That's a lot of fucking gathering lol. Or a lot of credits involved in purchasing them off GTN.

New race Togruta showing up next week for 600 cartel coins. Gotta decide who to delete to make room.

Rented It Follows and Ex Machina from Redbox. Ex Machina not bad, could have been more interesting if they'd actually employed the twist they hinted at. As for It Follows...best way to sum it up is to say It Follows the audience as they get up and leave before it's even done, begging them to come back. It's touted as a classic 80s slasher by one reviewer which is NOT at all. It doesn't rejuvenate the genre with its artsy fartsy approach, it BORES it.
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(no subject) [Jul. 10th, 2015|01:10 pm]
On the tail end of the daily mall walk, I was going by the pet shop for the second time and saw a small black furry thing moving around on the floor in front of it. A cute black bunny meandering along and failing in its attempt to escape. Tried to shoo it back into the shop and then just plucked it up off the floor to give to the clerk. He was wondering why I was kneeling down in front of the shop lol. I really really need to decide which pair of shoes to devote to this, probably the athletic ones I bought, because my current general use shoes are getting all sweaty and probably stinky from my bare feet lol.

My schedule has been: wake up at 7am, play a bit of Old Republic, leave apartment at 7:45 or thereabouts, do four walking laps at the mall, come home to play more. I've made the mistake of getting invested in doing the conquest events and am now spending just about all of my time trying to complete two sets of conquests for two characters. My level 60 isn't that big of a problem as she has crafting skills for conquest items so I can pretty much just craft and do nothing else, if I hoard materials. The other one though I chose only gathering skills and so have to plumb all the conquest missions for enough points to reach 35k. Which leads me to get into Operations I have no business doing and thus pissed off some people today by my failure to pay attention, firstly, and then by leaving. It's six minutes past the time I should be at the shop and haven't showered my sweaty body and feeling real real bad about quitting the operation and at how much I sucked at it and...I need to cut back to just one alt at the guild and forget the Operations. I'm pushing myself to reach a level I'm realizing that, y'know, I really don't care about reaching lol. If I'd played Dungeons and Dragons all those years ago and submersed myself in it, like I would have done, given my obsessive personality, then I'd have more of an understanding on how MMOs work. Or...uhh...care. Because if being successful in the game means obsessing over stats and how much DPS you're putting out, I'm finding a waning lack of interest in it.

So, yeah, I guess the upcoming RPG focused expansion is more up my alley. If you're not in a guild or have friends who run the game, Old Republic is pretty much a neat single player game where you'll see other people running around and MAYBE hook up with them to do a mission, if you're at the beginning or the end.
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(no subject) [Jul. 8th, 2015|11:24 am]
Day 3 of my new walking schedule. Was doing 3 laps of the mall in the evening after being done with the shop and decided to switch to morning to do the walk with all the other mall walkers. SO MUCH NICER this way. Less people, since the only people there are either mall walkers or workers, and not a bunch of daudlers to dodge and weave around. Am doing 4 laps of the mall now, 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs. Was going to look into getting a cheap MP3 player when it occured to me...already have in the Samsung phone. The earbuds it comes with, though, are annoying because I can hear thump thump of footstep and the rustle of the cord, loud enough to vie with the music. And of course earbuds seem to be the biggest seller nowadays so couldn't find any cheap full headphones and am resorting to using my computer headphones.

Walking schedule is doing the mall walk Monday through Friday then for the weekend, I will do a walk in the neighborhood, figured out the route to take to get me a full half hour walk. Mall walk runs about 45 minutes for 4 laps.

Have also cut back on my Coke drinking. Was trying to fit two bottles of water in a day and it seemed natural to just grab a bottle of water when I felt thirsty, rather than a can of Coke. Am now drinking one can a day as opposed to 3 or 4. Next thing would be find a way to adjust my diet. Best thing seems to be is to get sugar less gum and when I feel a craving for something sweet, pop in a stick of gum. 
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(no subject) [Jul. 3rd, 2015|03:02 pm]
Feeling WAAAY too hostile to be at the shop today.

DISCOUNT CUNTS. FUCK YOU. If you should get a discount on dance clothes because your crotch fruit dances, then I should get a discount on groceries because I eat. Or gasoline because I drive. Or, HEYYY, I should get a discount on my rent because I live in the apartment!

And WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with the stupid fucking shits when they put the leotard back on the hanger inside out??? Does MOMMY have to give you the once over before you leave the house to make sure all the stuff you wear isn't inside out? You tried at least? And didn't leave it piled on the floor. Or just knocked it out of the clearance bin and didn't bother putting it back because, hey, you spent $20. On CLEARANCE items. Which meant you got 4 or 5 shirts for $20.

You made me mad enough to twist the plastic hanger til it broke and kinda shattered, leaving bits of cheap plastic all over. Which I picked up while hoping I'd miss some, for when they let their pwecious dahlings crawl around under things, so they cut themselves. 
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(no subject) [Jul. 1st, 2015|06:13 pm]

Bitch salesperson talked sister into upgrading and denies saying sister could downgrade if she chose and return to her original rate. Now, when sister wants to cancel, she claims sister agreed to a contract over the phone. Don't know what kinda bonus the bitch got for a contract but she is determined to not let it go and even tells sister, in so many words, that the reason the ad is not generating enough business is on sister, because bitch "doesn't have anything to work with". Suggests she needs to pay more to get more results and insists their web site drives customers to the shop. Must drive them away, too. Sister is convinced she didn't agree to a contract, due to all the other contracts she's been agreeing to, with the merchant services people, and getting fucked over on it. Much like Yellow Pages is trying to do to her now.

Interesting how we can be held accountable for all sorts of shit and others can skate away from promises they made. 
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(no subject) [Jun. 29th, 2015|05:29 pm]
To no great surprise, I lasted a day in the nursing home kitchen and didn't go back.


Haven't done a physical job in a long time, since doing Auto Trader, and doubted very much I could keep up with it after shadowing the 21 year old kid all day. Just a dumb old fat woman and while trying to keep up with the kid, and realizing that without the kid I would be doing all this shit by myself, and falling seriously behind. He said, oh, it took me 3 weeks to build up speed, but he was also 30 years younger than me and probably about a hundred pounds less than me, I dunno, stopped weighing myself a long time ago. The physical part of washing dishes, I could have gotten better at it but the part that made me start to flag pretty quick was having to walk the halls to grab carts and bring them back, ONE BY ONE. The facility doesn't look that big but the corridors twist and I was trying to keep up with the stride of a stringbean of a kid and failing. Plus it seemed disorganized for them to load up two level carts with 3 or 4 trays at a time for the nurses to pick up then load into the cart. Every other place I've worked, the trays were loaded into the carts and pushed outside the kitchen door for the CNAs to pick up and then would bring them back when they were done with meal serving. By end of day I was having serious doubts as to my ability to keep up with it and if I had decided to keep going, and eventually got left on my own, I might have had a breakdown when I failed to get done on time. AND I am always believing I'm not capable of doing something so why try?

Not afraid of the hard work, I was just confused by the way they did things, and the big information dump was not sinking in. I was regretting a bit today giving up so easy. My feet were hurting that day as well as legs being tired but neither were affected the next day, just my shoulders feeling stiff and a bit achy even today.

BACK to the shop. At least I have this? And the guilt and depression over it not doing well.

SPEAKING of which, this lady comes today with a pair of tap shoes she'd bought last week and needs to get one tap screw fixed as it fell out and the dance teacher couldn't get it to go back in. Will try to fix it but don't know what else to do. Now this woman, I showed her a $75 pair of tap shoes which she didn't want to buy, but I did get her into the $42 pair. THIS WOMAN, she says that the coach of the tap team wants her kid to get Bloch tap shoes which are $80 and she seems PERFECTLY FINE paying that much for them when she wouldn't pay that much for the Capezio $75 tap shoes.
THIS IS THE STORY OF OUR SHOP. Too often they must have things we do not sell, and which of course they can get at the magical Portland shop. Which gives a FIVE PERCENT DISCOUNT. NOT TEN. NOT FIFTEEN. FIVE. FIVE!!!! FUCK YOU to the lying cunts who are always saying it's 15%.

Kinda makes me wish I was a drinker. Then I could come into the shop happy every day. 
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(no subject) [Jun. 24th, 2015|04:20 pm]
Sent in a resume to a local nursing home advertising on Craigslist for a dishwasher/kitchen help. And heard back from them within a day! Going in for an interview this morning. Wonder of the internet is how many things you can do online, such as get a food handlers card. Watched the silly video training, took the test and got one wrong, paid for the card online and printed it out and voila! I have a food handler card. And me being optimistic, am already considering how the new job schedule would work around the shop. Sister is ready to cut shop hours and can do that since she will have $1000 less to pay out a month. Plus honestly the way customers are spread out it can be concentrated into a 4 hour window. That way you get more actually buyers rather than looky-loos.

They're hiring for full time and while I didn't really want a full time job, I know I would have to get close to full time to pay bills. And full time even at minimum wage would give me about $200 more a month. Will see if it'll still allow me to be on food stamps. Oh, HELL, have to stop figuring I'm being hired. It's good to get an interview so quick but doesn't assure me of getting the position, I don't know how many they're hiring, just what the two potential shifts are: 5am-1:30pm and 1pm-9:30pm. Haven't worked in a nursing home for over 20 years but it's like riding a bicycle, you can pick it up again fairly easy. REALLY REALLY need to get away from the shop. But if I do get hired and can get the morning shift, then I won't be getting away from the shop as I can do both if we cut shop hours to 3pm-7pm. I would have an hour in between and then still have an evening to veg.

SO! I will go into it with positive attitude but don't get hopes up too high. And the $10 for food handlers card will hardly be wasted as it lasts 2 years.

Okay, this post has sat around for days. Had interview, took longer to fill out application than it did for interview lol. Had to go back because I didn't fill out the paperwork properly for background check which was a good sign, right? The lady who interviewed me said they had a few other people to interview and would get back to me after background check. Which I would pass, of course, as the closest thing to criminal I've had was a speeding ticket from about 25 years ago lol. Well, they must not have had that many people applying for the job as they called me today to offer me the job! YAY! $10 an hour which is...meh. But at full time it will be about $280 more a month than what I'm making here. And hopefully below the limit for food stamps so I can keep that or at least some of it. If so, then I can devote some money to paying down the credit cards.

Friday I go in to do paperwork and get schedule. Gotta buy new tennis shoes for it. Haven't had a job where I'm on my feet all day for a while so it'll take time and better shoes will do...better lol. And with a set schedule I can see which days I can help with the shop. Real pain in the ass is going to be adjusting to the different schedule, sleep wise. 
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