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(no subject) [Oct. 22nd, 2014|05:52 pm]
Spoilery stuff for Star Wars: The Old Republic...Collapse )
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(no subject) [Oct. 20th, 2014|05:33 pm]
Getting business from local high school team has been a headache. I've been dumb and haven't kept as good records as I should, stupid high school girls keep calling to ask about gear that was picked up a month or more ago by the coaches. And then I get flustered and annoyed because I can't find the info or remember. Even though there was a "cut-off date" they added girls in afterwards.

DEARIE, reading the fucking card you're flashing at me. It says TIGHTS and SHORTS. NOT SHOES. So, no, I'm not marking your card for the shoes you just bought because there is NO WAY we could afford to give away free shoes.


Woman who's been sewing for sister for years has decided to start up her own business selling leggings. The same kind of leggings sister has been making. She thinks sister should sell her a pattern. NOPE. She thinks sister should hold her hand and guide her through the process of finding fabric, elastic, where to buy labels, all that kinda shit. FUCKING NO. She tells sister, this is going to benefit YOU. UMM how the fuck does that benefit sister, someone selling the thing she's been making for years? She says, hey, I'll do YOU a favor, when I get money, you can sell me the fabric you don't want. You know, dig through all the piles of your fabric and decided what you don't want to have, doesn't mean I'll want to buy it after you spent a couple days piling it up. She says, hey, we can go in together on a roll of fabric. GIGANTIC FUCKING NO. She's gonna have to learn how involved the whole process is, finding fabric sites and picking the RIGHT fabric, plus all the other little details. Yeah, this same bitch who picks what she'll sew on, and doesn't want to sew black fabric because it's "too dark" in her sewing room, but won't get a light to make it better.
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(no subject) [Oct. 20th, 2014|06:24 am]
Amazing how much easier it is to beat a boss when you actually USE the mission item against him. Darth Skotias was being a pain in the ass for my Sith Inquisitor, his HP just doesn't go down much at all, so I look for hints on it and one person says that even with using the inhibitor they had a hard time. Uh, DUHH, I wasn't using the inhibitor. And when I did...took one try. Started up the Inquisitor last night, played on it for about 4 hours or so and am now up to level 20 after another hour of play this morning. Did a couple extra missions but am mostly doing class missions since they give the real xp boost. Class mission though seems a lot like the Sith Warrior class mission. Hook up with a Master, do his/her dirty work to advance them in the Sith hierarchy.

Was doing okay with the Jedi Consular but then got stuck on a boss fight. Usually I can find hints online to help but apparently no one's had trouble with this guy, for I can find nothing. Or they're not spelling the name right. Only found one entry saying they were having trouble but no solution. Problem is the guy doesn't just focus on one at a time in the fight, he's bopping around to hit both of us so sometimes I can keep my companion's health up but end up dying because I can heal companion but can't really heal self that well. Another problem I seem to be having is I run out of Force energy to do the big attacks I need to take him down. So I started up another Jedi Consular to see if starting from scratch and getting the quicker leveling up will help.

The pizza skull rolls turned out GREAT. The 3d mini skull Wilton pan worked PERFECTLY. Nice skull shape with prominent features. Will have to get a pic from niece as I didn't take a picture of it. Also made stove top macaroni to go with it as it seemed like just a pizza wrap wouldn't be enough for dinner. Also used the skull cupcake pan I've had laying around for a year or two. That wasn't as good as the 3d pan but serviceable.

Sister asks me what I plan to do in two years after shop closes. Says the funniest thing to me, that she doesn't want me to pass up on an opportunity if it comes along. Uh, WHAT opportunity? The opportunity to work at Walmart? There's no "opportunities" for me. All I can hope for is something that gives me enough hours to make the same kind of money.
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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2014|11:04 am]
Emptied out my Gamefly queue of anything not already released, in anticipation of the new releases, and they shipped Evil Within out today. Which is weird, 'cause they usually don't ship new releases out til the day before official release date, so it's possible I might get it on Monday but more likely on Tuesday. I am kinda tempted to bump up to two releases just to see if they'll send me the Borderlands prequel too but I can just rent that one through Redbox. I've been good and proven I can save money, got $200 now set aside for the November video games. Intended purchases are the two Assassins Creed games, Far Cry 4, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Call of Duty looks mildly interesting, will have to see if I can con brother into going halves on it. Oh, hell, might as well just rent that one too, the game's certainly not going to be long enough to justify a $60 purchase considering I just do the campaign and not much with the online.

Am starting to slog through Clone Wars on Netflix and they've started airing Star Wars: Rebels on TV. It's surprisingly good mostly because it's exploring the little pockets of rebellion springing up, and hopefully will get more into what has happened to the potential Jedi after the their temple's fall. Despite the canon of the first three movies, it seems impossible for the Jedi to have been completely wiped out. The strong ones, yeah, but there's got to be others with no quite as much talent lurking around. It's down to numbers: with a population of one billion, if you figure one percent are potential Jedi, that's ten million. At a half percent, it's still 5 million. At .1 percent it's a million. If there's about a million scattered through the galaxy, it's not really feasible they could all be wiped out, because the Empire wouldn't have time to be doing anything else, like subjugating the galaxy lol. And there's also how it might skip a generation as Anakin's mom didn't seem to have any powers. And if they were actively hunting down all potential Jedi you'd think they'd have come across an old guy hiding out on a desert planet who just happened to be the sole survivor of the Jedi council.

Got my Secret World character into Tokyo, which opens up a whole new system called AEGIS. The enemies in Tokyo have some kind of resistance to certain attacks or something like that, so you use the AEGIS thing to cancel out this resistance. It's like they're all shielded and once you eat through the shield, you can start taking down their health. Yet another thing to spend SP on, which is good, as the Dragon has maxed out all basic abilities, SP wise, and the secondary weapons I've gotten, with the exception of flamethrower as it requires another mission pack. And watching Clone Wars and the new Rebels show got me hankering to play Old Republic again so I start it up...and wait as it spends what seems like a couple hours updating. And it was probably two hours as I watched two shows while waiting for it to finish.

Huh, it's been so long since I played Old Republic, I'd forgotten I did the bounty hunter's main storyline, as well as the Jedi. So newer mission was to hit Corellia and do some stuff there, only I kept dying because I was pulling too many people to fight. Gonna have to take a look at my Sith to see if I can move him along, last time I played him, was on Voss and got stuck in some missions due to him not being tough enough. We'll see whether a run of Secret World has helped me to get my character leveled better. Not sure if the smuggler got finished. Of course the two I did finish, I did with help but it's not likely the person I had back then is still around, considering I haven't played the game in months or even longer than a year.

So started up a new trooper and been working on the Jedi Consular. FUCK YOU, Mysterious Sith! Took 2 or 3 hours of trying to beat the shithead. Forgot that it's best to be at least 2 levels above the gold starred bosses. Plus I might have been able to get it done quicker if I'd gotten the Heroic Moment training, as one site suggested having the Heroic Moment power to help with the fight. I took the plunge and did the preorder for the Revan DLC along with subscribing, which nets a 12x xp boost. But only on class missions. FEH.

But I did get help from a nice player who gifted me with a speeder and some credits. The Jedi Consular's class mission is...Jedi council members are suffering from a dark plague and she must cure them. Trooper story line I know a bit better as I think I did the end fight with the guy I used to play with.

The Evil Within come I don't have a gun to shoot this damn chainsaw guy??? Right, it got taken away from me. So it's creeping around and getting caught and eviscerated and beheaded by the chainsaw guy as I try to figure out HOW to get past him. Most definitely a rental. I played it a bit and then went back to Old Republic.
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(no subject) [Oct. 7th, 2014|11:12 pm]
So I spend all evening doing a download for Arkham Asylum TWICE, the first time not going all the way...or if it did, it hid itself on the PS3 so I couldn't find it, until I'd downloaded it a second time. And after all that time I realize this is Arkham ASYLUM not Origins and I have already played it and have no interest in playing it again, as I played it through one and half times already. Why the hell is the monthly PS Plus freebie a game that came out about 5 years ago? SIGH. Next Tuesday two new games dropping but rather than purchase wil rent. The Evil Within looks to be short so definitely a rental and while I had fun with Borderlands 2, not so sure about the prequel one, so will rent that as well. Cleared my queue so hopefully Gamefly will send me one of them.

Rented Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare and am very glad I talked myself out of buying it instead of renting it. It's kinda cute but really repetitive. Gimme the regular version of Plants vs Zombies intead, thanks.

Did a couple new things for the Sunday dinner. Garlic biscuits with a cube of cheese tucked inside to give it oozy cheesy goodness. My mistake was using a dry cheese that didn't ooze really well. And needed a bigger piece in it. Plus grated rather than ground parmesan. Used a sun dried tomato dry rub packet found at niece's work, Chuck's Produce, and liked it a lot, enough to want to use it again on chicken thighs and a roast or ribs. A roast would be good with a tomato gravy to complement it. Would also be good if I cubed a roast and rolled them in it then tossed them in crockpot to cook and served it with pasta.

Sister will be taking in her older Aussie this week to have her put to sleep. Poor thing has been suffering and it's time to let her go. Will go with sister so she won't be alone when it happens. It was their first dog they'd gotten after moving here and she's been with them a long time. She had a good life but it's still sad to let them go. No matter how much you wish otherwise, they don't live forever. She'll be missed, for sure.
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(no subject) [Oct. 6th, 2014|06:04 pm]
Julianne Moore, why did you do the awful train wreck that is the Carrie remake? Good paycheck? Chloe Moretz is no Sissy Spacek and Julianne Moore fails to capture the psychoness Piper Laurie found for her role as Carrie's mom. Supporting cast is even worse.

TV viewing! Been lots of stuff to watch over the summer, am loving how the cable networks are producing shows to fill in what is usually the dead season of summer.

Spoilers for Scandal and Revenge...Collapse )
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(no subject) [Oct. 1st, 2014|03:20 pm]
Damn, if it wasn't for a lease, might have an out of the shop. Sister is contemplating declaring bankruptcy to discharge mounting debt but lease is the sticking point, plus having to shell out for the filing. If we did a 50% off closing sale, could get enough money to pay off debt but again the lease is the sticking point as it offers no out. According to the terms, the owner can sue for the months owed until the end of lease or the space is rented out. Given how long some of the spaces in this complex have gone empty, it could months or longer before the space is filled. Otherwise stuck here for two more years...sigh.

It takes working in retail to realize how very stupid people are. Oh, you knew they were stupid before, but you never knew HOW stupid. Like the young girl coming back to say I had given her two different size shoes. I point out to her they are the same size on the bottom and she says one is smaller. Yes, dear, it is smaller, because it's the one you tried on, and cinched up, and when you put on the other one and cinch it up, it will be the same size.

Funny one is the, mom, whose two or three year old is throwing a fit over...whatever makes little kids throw a fit. Because, HONESTLY, anything fucking sets them off. I say something about the kid needing a nap, a year long nap, and her response? And my husband wonders why I want a job. PERFECT. I only have them in the shop a few minutes and I can see her point of wanting a job to get away from them.

Sister's older aussie has gotten pretty bad and latest vet visit she was told the aussie has really bad arthritis in the legs plus the vet thought she might have a tumor in her neck which would account for her snuffling all the time and having difficulty breathing at times. So unfortunately the time has come to consider when to have her put down. She's had a great life with them and don't want her to be suffering.

And at the same time sister has taken on a Husky foster. She was told the Husky was really skittish around people but she took to sister fairly quick and when I went to see her, the day she was brought to their house, she was okay with me, let me pet her and wagged her tail and acted all friendly. The other dogs she's not so good with. She's chased the mini aussie and tackled her so that's one strike. She might just be the kinda dog who's good with people but needs to be the only dog in the house. Or she might be good with male dogs. It's only been a day so it's too early and there's gotta be ways to get her to cool off lol. 
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(no subject) [Sep. 26th, 2014|12:58 pm]
First transaction of the day...$65 return. SIGH. Apparently the kid was not paying attention in class so they said NO. Gee, I don't see what they're talking about AT ALL. She wasn't wandering around constantly in the store at all, she stayed nicely by her mom's side. And OF COURSE her mom was telling her to stay close and not mess with stuff. ::eyeroll::

Aww, it's so CUTE that the mom thinks in three or so months she'll be ready to try again. She's not going to develop an attention span in 3 months. Well, at least she didn't try to return the tights, too.

Oh, and JOY, lady calls to tell me about her kid with "sensory issues" who needs ballet shoes so I can have the OH SO FUN task of dealing with an overly fussy little girl who'll probably cry or throw a fit because the shoes HURT HER FEET. Well, thankfully she didn't do the drama, they just...okay, honestly I don't remember if they bought a pair of shoes or not. I think not. I'm only filing traumatic experiences in permanent memory.

Well, guess you're right, honey, when you call the tutus "expensive". They certainly are next to the cheap perfume you doused yourself in. This time of year you can probably find cheaper ones in the Halloween section but not better made.

Soon as Bungie shut down the loot cave in Destiny, another has been found. Hey, I waste all kinds of time playing games but apparently I'm not dedicated enough to scan game areas for possible glitches. And I'm not going to sit for hours shooting at a cave to gather loot. For one, it's boring, and for another, you're not guaranteed to get the best pieces. I did it for maybe a half hour, probably not as long, and got one purple piece out of it, so that was cool. I'm at 23 but of course there's a lot of people running around who are 25 or higher. I've seen 27 and maybe 29 but not 30. I was starting to get a bit bored of it but even after the Bad Blood DLC dropped I was spending the evening doing Destiny so can't be that bored. 
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(no subject) [Sep. 19th, 2014|11:46 pm]
Dance teachers, you need to stop fucking deluding the parents with online pricing. Because I am tired to death of the pissy bitches who expect $13 jazz shoes. Bitches, Payless doesn't sell them for $13. Good luck finding the mythical $13 jazz shoe that's in adult sizes and hasn't been worn by someone else. And if you find it, it's gonna be as cheap as what you paid for it. I don't give a fuck if you buy our shoes or not, just stop getting all huffy and incredulous over the prices.

Back sales taxes will be paid off March 2018 at our rate and so I'm thinking that's going to be the closing date, unless of course more money comes in to make it possible to pay off sooner. Then I can laugh in the faces of all the bitches who will cry about how they'll have to go to Portland. We've hung in there for nine years and supposedly if you make it past five years, you're okay, but sales have not been as good as they should be, considering we are the only dance store in a town with high school teams, nearly a dozen studios, and three gyms. The studios provide dress code lists for people to purchase stuff online, or the cheap ass Revolution brand that only sells to dance studios. Sales should be better than they are, and yet they are not. We are struggling to keep stuff stocked with a growing list of invoices hanging over our heads. Don't feel like the studios are being loyal to us, either, as they buy stuff to resell from Discount Dance or encourage people to buy from there, using their code to make the purchase, which I'm sure gives the studio some kinda bonus.

Lesson to be learned, excitement and passion aren't enough to get a business going. Money is a HUGE factor, and has been our downfall from the beginning. The continual mantra is, if we had more money, we'd have more stock, and would get more sales. But couldn't get the money we wanted, and Mercy Corps would rather loan money to someone making vegan bags they sell for a couple hundred bucks.


So Destiny has been a bit of fun, cool graphics, some good areas to play around in, but the multiplayer part of it is lacking. Oh, sure, there's people roaming around the areas, but they're already paired up, and I'm doing the missions pretty much solo. Only co-op available is the strike missions, and then sometimes the other people will drop out. It has potential but since I haven't gotten anyone to hook up with to do missions, it's feeling pretty much a slog to get things done. Oh, November, so FAR away!

This next Tuesday though the Watchdogs DLC with T-Bone will drop, so there's something new to do. 
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(no subject) [Sep. 17th, 2014|03:07 pm]
GAHHHH I wanna MURDER the woman who was just here.

After her kid had tried on about 7 or so different sizes of shoes, in various styles, she all of a sudden pops up with, oh, I FORGOT, she's just trying out for ballet and might not do it, so she doesn't really need shoes after all TEE HEE! Good thing she didn't bring those kids with her last night when she came, for I would have lost it. Three sets of customers, a guy who thinks he can jump the line and interrupt another customer to get shoes to try on, a woman who is ENCOURAGING her kids to pull tights out of the packaging and pull on them to see how big they are/how they stretch and, NO, they cannot try on the tights, for you certainly wouldn't buy a pair of tights someone else wore, would you? Oh, there's a bit of a dirty spot on the sweater, has it been returned? NO, it's been touched by grubby kid hands, because very few of you parents enforce the whole Look with your EYES, not your hands thing. Same goes for the leotards with a bit of white on them. We do let people try them on, you know, and some girls are too heavy with the deodorant.

And me being an idiot I shot myself in the foot by not giving the girl the size 8 1/2 shoes in the first place, because I didn't think she'd need such a big size. Coulda saved myself some time if I'd done that from the first, for the girl loved them soon as she put them on, and they got the leather they wanted. YIKES.

I am LOOKING FORWARD to the day we shut down the store so I can tell all these picky cheap bitches WHY they will have to go to Portland. Because you are cheap and picky and you buying tights 2 or 3 times a year is not giving us enough money to stay open. You returning shit and blatantly LYING about it being unworn so you can get your money back. You talking about just ordering stuff online while you're in the store.

I tell EVERYONE, keep tags attached, shoes unworn. Woman returns leotard she's had over a month, daughter took the tag off. From looking at her receipt she returned all three leotards she bought. And then what does she do? She picks out another two leotards, claiming her daughter will pick one of them or maybe both. I'm betting she'll bring them both back. I tell her how we prefer to have them bring in the child as we have to pay credit card fees for selling and refunding. Oh, I'm sorry, she says, but it doesn't stop her from buying it and it won't stop her from returning them, and of course she doesn't want to hassle with bringing the kid in to try on the leotards. She offers to write a check but not taking checks anymore, since we've had more bounce than we should have. Notably the cunt who bought $200 or so in dance clothes writing a bad check from a bank that's known for doing tuition assistance through local community college. And the prick uncle of some high schooler who apparently has had cases filed against him for not paying things. 
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