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(no subject) [Apr. 15th, 2014|01:07 pm]
Good thing I finally managed to remember password for the computer, as Windows is a jealous fucking bitch and wouldn't allow the Ubuntu DVD to boot the system. FUCK YOU, MICROSOFT, for making a system so insidious it will refuse to allow anything else in. Promptly wrote down password and did a recovery password file. Next step is to do back up recovery DVDs.

Saturday was a bang up day for me. Got the short ribs into the crock pot for short rib sandwiches a la Pioneer Woman and since they were still a bit frozen, I turned it on high for a couple hours, then turned it down before nap. After dozing for a bit I looked at clock, saw it was 3:30, told myself I can sleep some more, and body said, FANTASTIC! and went back to sleep for THREE HOURS. I wake up, look at clock, it says 6:45. NO WAY, I think. Go to computer. Computer clock says WAY. Go into kitchen and find...rather than turning the crock pot one click to take it down to low I turned it two to shut it off. They were done but cold. Didn't hurt to eat them, though, thankfully. Hamburgers on Sunday were not as hard to do, though next time for the oven baked fries I will remember to spray the parchment paper ahead of time so half of the fries don't end up stuck to it.

Sony, what hinky thing are you doing with the PS3 network? I tried signing on to the 'net through the PS3 and failed. Switched to the PS4, NO PROBLEM. Brother was having the same problem and kept trying to tell me it was something wrong with the router or modem to which I said NO, because I could sign on with the PS4, so it's obviously got to be a problem with how the PS3 connects. So on Sunday brother went out to buy himself a PS4. He was disappointed that PS Plus didn't seem to have Payday 2 but it's only for PS3 and hasn't been released for PS4. WHOOPS. They did release DC Universe which is his favorite game so there's that.

So my newest character in Secret World has gotten up to ql10 in talismans and working up to ql9 in weapons. And today she got her second criterion in the flappy raid. TWO CRITERION for the character still not finished with elite dungeons. While my maxed out character has yet to receive one. SIGH. I've found ql8 is the crossing point at which you actually start hitting Flappy for damage, below that I was getting 10 glances for every hit at the least. Now that the one is 10.4, I need to stop screwing around in the dungeons and actually get one of my characters through the end of the game.

I am READY ALREADY for Watchdogs. PS4 version, though. The recommended processor for PC is OF COURSE higher than the i7 I have. Yeah, it's for highest settings in the graphics but at the least I would need to upgrade my video card. This is why it's been easier for me to go console rather than PC, you don't have to fuss with upgrading console until they release a new one. With PC there will inevitably be a game demanding higher resources than you have. Six weeks to go for Watchdogs! I'm making myself play Black Flag which is entertaining once you get the hang of naval combat, it's just not an Assassins Creed game as it's all about the character wanting to make money rather than fighting for a cause. Well, he does fight for the cause of GETTING MONEY. Hit one glitch in which I thought he'd jumped off the boat into the ocean but he was actually stuck inside the boat and couldn't get out.

Taco Bell has new breakfast menu with a variety of choices...but not much in the way of flavor. The sausage flatbread was ok, didn't realize until later that it didn't have egg in it and the meat was kinda tough, though I really do like their flatbread and wish they would use it more. Breakfast burrito with sausage though is a definite NO GO. The eggs are kinda rubbery and completely lacking in flavor. It could use a squirt or two of whatever sauce they use in their quesadillas. 
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(no subject) [Apr. 9th, 2014|11:43 am]
Dude, I'm just a bored worker drone. I'm not going to be hugely impressed by your attempt to name drop a ballerina you don't remember the name of, anyways. or that you've been to the ballet in Russia. Maybe it was just you being chatty, I dunno. Probably don't sign the back of your card so you can show people your neat-o Hawaii driver's license. You might not still be chatting me up if you could hear my thoughts as you're talking about this 5 foot tall marble ballerina statue you got, said thoughts being, wow, if you pushed it onto someone you'd do serious damage. You kinda set the tone for the encounter with your phone call wanting to know my name so you'd apparently know who to ask for, at a store with...ONE PERSON WORKING. And thought calling me by name would add a personal touch. ::rolling eyes::

And then there's Seattle Lady. Who really needs to LAY OFF the coffee. She's hyper enough as it is.

Started an evil run of Infamous: Second Son but am realizing fairly quickly that as critics have said, it's not the same kind of moral system in the previous games, so not really sure how much of a difference going full evil karma will be to the story. In Cole's story, the choice is more us against them, Conduits against so-called normals. Cole's personality allows for him to choose either side and still be true to his character and his character's motivations. In Second Son, your first moral choice is to decide if Delsin will surrender to the authorities to save his tribe or just save himself. Even while being committed to an evil karma run, I can't choose for him to go against his tribe. He's a delinquent and prides himself on being a bad boy but his interactions with Betty set the tone of his relationship with the tribe. He might be a troublemaker but he's regarded with more fond exasperation than animosity, so he's hardly going to sacrifice the tribe to save his own skin. So right out the gate he gets good points and must make up for it by beating the crap out of

Spoilers for Captain America 2: Winter Soldier, the Agents of Shield tie-in, and season end of Justified...Collapse )
OH, and this morning I find myself locked out of my computer. Windows did its typical sneaky overnight upgrade and apparently I did go through with the intention to change the password, failing of course to write it down, so now I can't get into the computer. And after more than two years of having the computer I still have yet to make a backup disk, much less a password recovery disk. So the only way I can seem to get into the system to fix it is download Ubuntu and use it to get into the registry so I can change the password. And then write it down and make a recovery file. 
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(no subject) [Mar. 31st, 2014|06:31 pm]
Have maxed out on the good karma in Infamous Second Son so must be getting near the end. Or kinda near. Hard to tell. Once done, I'm gonna go the negative route on a second play through, so I can blow up the APCs without worrying about pesky civilians wandering around in the middle of a freaking fight. You get additional powers as you go along but what you can do is dependent on what you use to power yourself. Smoke, neon, video, all have a set of abilities that don't cross over. Smoke is good for disabling opponents but its ability to travel kinda sucks. Neon allows you to freeze time for a few seconds so you can get the perfect foot shot in, to disable, or head shot to kill. Its good travel ability is zooming up walls but not so much with the flight. Video's flight is moderately better but not by a lot.

Finished up the first two seasons of House of Cards.

Spoilers for House of Cards, The Walking Dead, and Hannibal...Collapse )
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(no subject) [Mar. 27th, 2014|05:08 pm]
So, something other then bitching about the stores and the fucking customers...

Okay, I lied. A lady comes in to get shoes and is using a card bearing the name of her husband/boyfriend/some guy she met in a bar. Signature is worn off the back so I ask for ID, noticing the name. She doesn't have an ID. She, uh, drove here, I'm pretty sure. Regardless I wouldn't take the card because I don't want the charge back. Oh-kay, she goes, with an incredulous lift to her eyebrows, and leaves. Yeah, I'm sure you wouldn't mind at all if he had your card and was off spending on it. Don't care that you were supposedly having a conversation with him via cell phone in the store, that hardly counts as consent.

Playing more of Infamous: Second Son. I really really miss Cole's ability to climb. Maybe Delsin gets something similar to it further on? That stupid hovering thing is shit when it comes to scaling walls. I've got the orbital drop thing but it has to be used carefully for a civilian death cuts into good karma score. Climbing the Space Needle was a pain in the ass. The secret agent mini missions are also a pain in the ass, I've only managed to succeed in one, despite multiple tries. And the game gives me a head ache after a while.

Taking a break from Second Son, I switched on The Secret World to give my newest character a go at the Flappy raid. And what does Ms QL5 get?
A fucking criterion. Something my 10.4 character can't seem to land as a prize. GAH. While it is nice to see it is an actual reward, it's going to be a lot of game play before that character reaches the level to be able to use it.

Spoilers for The 100, The Americans, and Justified...Collapse )
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(no subject) [Mar. 26th, 2014|02:53 pm]
Ah gotta have that 10% off bitch returns the shoes, they're "too big". Doesn't want a smaller size, already ordered them online, and hopes they'll come in time. Me, I hope they don't. SO THERE, BITCH. She also moans about how she's tired of looking for shoes online and how one didn't tell her it was back order til she got to shopping cart. Bitch, I have ZERO FUCKS to give about how "hard" it is for you to order shoes online. Plus I really don't care how fussy your kid is over how she didn't like this part of the shoe lifting or how the heel fit. You're returning the shoes, that's all I care about. Sorry and not sorry, not gonna sympathize with you about how hard it is to find stuff to buy online when you're standing in a store that SELLS THE SHOES YOU WANT TO BUY ONLINE. Especially when your previous shoes were cheap ass shoes. Okay, maybe she wasn't the lady who had to get her 10% off, am still annoyed at her, because I want to be.

You know, I wanted to get into retail because I thought I'd have a more interesting job than working in a kitchen. Now I'd rather just work in a kitchen again. Less interaction with people, do the job and go home and don't think about the job while at home. And don't think about how I want to stab people. 
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(no subject) [Mar. 26th, 2014|11:06 am]
So some people hit Kickstarter to raise money for a VR gaming device and got over $2 million in funds from backers, well over their proposed $250K budget. $2 million FREE DOLLARS. Not a loan where they had to struggle to get a bank to finance them, and then have to pay back a crap load of interest. Nope, free and clear, all they have to do is give kits to some of the higher pledging backers, whose pledge of course more than paid for the unit they're receiving. Then yesterday the news breaks that they've sold their company and VR device, which they didn't have to pay AT ALL to develop, for $2 billion.
MUST BE FUCKING NICE. Some people don't get that lucky. Some people struggle along on credit cards and loans they've had to spend years paying off, to a bank that's made a pretty damn good profit off the loan via the interest they've charged.
Here's hoping it crashes and Facebook has to eat the losses. They've tried VR before and it didn't really get off the ground.
And, hey, those guys at Oculus have to be really patting themselves on the back. By getting backers instead of investors, they don't have to pay anyone a cent of the money they got by selling off their company.
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(no subject) [Mar. 24th, 2014|05:53 pm]
I can be very territorial. So it pisses me off when customers try to come into my space. SHOO! Go back whence you came. Me going over to look at the shoes on a shelf is NOT an invitation for you to follow me. MY SIDE, YOUR SIDE. You get on YOUR SIDE.

One thing, other than discounts, that really pisses me off about this one theater group is how they will come in, look at the little stand we have for advertising studios and shows, and then pull out cards or flyers advertising one of their shows, telling me it's not running any more so I should throw it away. I WILL FUCKING THROW IT AWAY WHEN I FUCKING FEEL LIKE IT. DO NOT TOUCH MY STUFF. Especially after I gave you your damn 10% discount, bitch. Seriously, I want to know where these bitches work and go there to constantly ask for a discount.

And the one group clamoring for your costumes...they'd have been done by now and you could have practiced your little hearts out in them if the teacher had not dropped the ball for THREE WEEKS. So you will take your costumes getting done at the last minute and LIKE IT. Because only one person is to blame for how long they've taken to get done, and it's not us. Though brother does bear some responsibility for delay as he insisted on cutting the mesh in four layers instead of two, because he's all about hurrying to get it done quicker so he can go home and...lie on the couch all night. 
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(no subject) [Mar. 24th, 2014|10:50 am]
Continued fun with Comcast. They claim they had to put in an extra outlet so that's why installation turned out be the full $64.95. Well, since I wasn't there for the full process, I have no idea if they did or didn't, so fuck me, right? Paying for all room DVR service but my box still doesn't let me access it and only the once was I able to use the guide or Xfinity function. This is from Day One. Called again while at the shop, they said to call back later so they could "pair up" the device. Called last night and while the guy is "working" with me, he tells me he understands I'm frustrated but it's not his fault it doesn't work and he's going to try to fix it. Uh, EXCUSE ME??? I was short with him maybe but not rude to him and certainly didn't swear at him, so I find him trying to guilt trip me into being nice to him a big WTF. Puts me on hold and returns to call me "sir". Then even after being told several times it's the bedroom unit that's having trouble, he reset the living room unit. Time to hang up so he can't truly accuse me of being mean to him. Call them again and, no, I can't just take the unit in to local office, they must send out a tech to replace it. And I "probably shouldn't" have to pay for a service call if it's defective. Only if it wasn't properly connected. Oh, but if you pay $3 a month for our service plan you wouldn't have to pay at all to get your defective equipment fixed! Then again tech came out, same guy who installed. Worked for a bit and then all of a sudden didn't work again. Maybe because I didn't use their remote to turn off TV? If so, that's fucking ridiculous.

FUCK COMCAST with the satellite dish DirecTV doesn't want returned.

And speaking of DirecTV, their HD boxes still haven't made it back to DirecTV. Online tracking says it's been "processed and picked up by agent". Same message for the last five days. By now it's been almost two weeks since I dropped it off at Office Depot. Office Depot claims the postal service picks up 5 days a week. NEVER NEVER be lazy again and think I'm saving time by dropping it off with them. I didn't even get a receipt, the packing label with tracking number seemed like it was enough. Good thing DirecTV doesn't have my current debit card on file.

Okay, so it's not Office Depot, it's DirecTV who's opting for slow and cheap by having the postal service hold mail til UPS comes to pick it up, which is why it's taking so long, and the tracking number I was given will never show progress past "picked up by agent".

Spoilers for The Walking Dead, Justified, and House of Cards...Collapse )

Infamous: Second Son is shore purdy. It's just not really much new in the terms of game play and story. But it looks really good on the PS4. It's just not entrancing enough to keep me off The Secret World.
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(no subject) [Mar. 12th, 2014|05:01 pm]
Don't ever take shipments for the postal service down to Office Depot. I dropped off the box containing the DirecTV boxes last Wednesday and it wasn't picked up until MONDAY. If I'd known it was going to take that long, I would have driven the extra distance to leave it off at the post office instead.

And either Centurylink has no idea what it's doing or the "sales person" at Best Buy had no idea what he was talking about, for the modem we bought for niece didn't work. Considering when I got the service it took me a couple hours to get mine installed, I'm inclined to believe the Centurylink people are STOOPID. So apparently now they have to send someone out to check the wiring to see why niece is not getting service. And my Comcast box still doesn't work right. What's the point of having a DVR service for all rooms when the other room can't access the programming???

Lady, you came in last week about the body tights and I told you I'd have to check with the supplier to see when they go back in stock. Granted, I didn't check the day I said I would but I did call today and they were in stock, so as far as I'm concerned, they only came back in stock today. Oh, it's now it'll be "too late in the season" for them when they arrive? Funny, I think you said there was a couple more competitions with one later on in the month. Or maybe it was another mom whose kid is on the same damn team so presumably she's going to the same number of competitions your kid is.

It's been a while since I've had one of those STAB EVERYBODY!!!! days. Where everyone seems incredibly stupid and the desire to commit violence is thrumming in my blood, making me twitchy. Also makes me mutter things aloud I'm not supposed to mutter aloud. I can only hope the one mother was as oblivious to everything else but her kid that she didn't hear me say "fucking people" as I fixed stuff knocked down. 
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(no subject) [Mar. 6th, 2014|12:04 pm]
Comcast, you really really don't need to compete with DirecTV to see who sucks more.

Tech shows up around 8:30. By 9:30 he's not done and I wake up brother to make him deal with the guy while I head to the shop. My only view of progress is the cable modem is all lit up. Ideally I'd wanted to be the one to hook up modem so I could hopefully get it to work with the router without having to go through a lot of trouble. NOPE. The tech brought a modem along even though I TOLD the sales person I was buying my own modem, not renting one.

Come home to find they'd moved stuff around and plugged modem directly into computer. Go online and look at various sites, can't find instructions to get the router to recognize the modem. I swear I had a disc for installation but fucked if I can find it. Plus the Comcast remote? Will only change channels and volume, won't display Guide or Xfinity or channel info. SIGHHHHH. This is going SO WELL.

Bit the bullet and called Comcast tech support. I tell them first off I'm calling for help with hooking the modem to the router and if the tech can't help with that, let me know so I can move on and not waste 20 minutes doing stupid stuff. Tech assured me he'd try to help. 20 minutes later he said the modem works and that's all I can do for you. I KNOW THE FUCKING MODEM WORKS. Hung up rather than say something mean.

Looked online for a reason why the remote's not working as it should. They have online chat support, GOODY. Let's give that a shot. 20 minutes later the remote works. But soon as I turn the TV off using the "universal remote" I negated all the good work, because apparently it doesn't really want to do all the work. When I turn it back on, once again guide and various info buttons will not work. PERFECT. At least I think I know what the problem is now and just have to do the reset tonight when I get home.

This morning it's into the Netgear tech waters I go. Like with Comcast, I tell the online chat person from the beginning that I'm trying to connect Netgear modem to Linksys router, can you help? The person says yes. Asks if the modem is working. UHHH we are doing ONLINE CHAT. We could not be doing this if the modem isn't working. I type that much into the response field, backspace over it to type in a simple "yes". "Tech" determines the modem is working and that's all they can do. Plus Netgear only offers 90 day tech support. Because nowadays tech support is considered a warranty service, rather than customer service. Can't call Linksys because the router is years old and last time I contacted them they expected me to pay a fee for tech support.

So I went to Target this morning and got a router. Netgear...SIGHH. Target has 90 day return policy so you can bet your ass I'm hanging onto the receipt so I can take it back to them if it crashes on me. $35 for a router which isn't bad, honestly. They had $30 ones but for $5 more you got increased range. I'm only worrying about this for the sake of the PS4 which you can't play now without being online.

Hopefully setting up the new router is going to be easy. LOL LOL LOL. 
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