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(no subject) [Nov. 9th, 2015|12:38 pm]
Ah, bitch of the day.

Some chickie calls up to ask about white spandex shorts. I tell her what we have and she asks if there have been any Hooters girls coming in asking for the shorts. I reply, reasonably enough, that I haven't had any girls in here saying they're from Hooters, and elaborate that I wouldn't know they're from Hooters unless they said they were, or were wearing T-shirts. After I tell her this a second time, she tells me I don't have to mock her. Uh, WHAT? I am only trying to explain to you I wouldn't know a random girl worked in Hooters unless she said she did because Hooters girls pretty much look like regular girls, which of course they are. She also asked something about there being another one of our stores in Portland which I said no, we're in Vancouver. So, honey, if you really feel like I'm mocking you, take your Hooters to Portland. If you're embarrassed about working in an establishment that requires you to flaunt your assets, then find another job.

Went yesterday to look at kittens at the local humane society. People were lined up outside the door like it was Black Friday lol. Of course not that many people but enough to crowd the viewing room and keep me from getting close to any of the kittens. My very allergic to them sister was the one to actually get to hold one. I wasn't really taken with it. There was a cute black one named Mr Fluffy who was nice enough to keep his claws sheathed while poking at my fingers. Still looking. Supposed to be getting more in next week.

Rented Black Ops 3. Played it a bit and it was like playing Advanced Warfare again. Didn't play anymore of it.
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(no subject) [Oct. 21st, 2015|12:33 pm]
You know it's time to close up shop and get out when...

...a customer who has been going to one dance studio for THREE YEARS comes into the shop for the first time, saying they never knew we were here. And only found out about us through another parent. NOT THE STUDIO. A studio that has NO PROBLEM when it comes to begging for freebies to put in a gift basket.

And they're putting in a fucking GUN SHOP a couple doors down.

Yeah, if sister could get out of the lease, then we'd do a 50% off sale and give our "loyal customers" a big ol' raspberry.
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(no subject) [Oct. 21st, 2015|12:18 pm]
Took kitten to vet. Congrats, they say, it's a boy!

I did look up a video to see how you check and tried once but the kitten was not cooperative and gave up, figuring the knowledge wasn't that important. But I guess it does explain how aggressive it is.

Also not a La Perm despite what Russian lady said. Vet tech said it looked like it had some Flame Point Siamese in it. Once home I looked online for pictures and first Youtube link I hit, the kitten in the video looked almost exactly like the one I have. 5.8 pounds and gonna be a big one, according to the tech.

Didn't want a boy. Wanted a girl. Have appointment to get him fixed on Friday and am not sure if the operation will affect his temperament any. And also imagining what he'll be like as a big, aggressive cat.

So...I am trying to rehome him. He's not just playful, he's mean. You can tell when his mood is swinging to the mean, his pupils get all big. And he's kicked his shitty behavior up quite a few notches, so I want to strangle him. Last night he was ripping into the plastic bag I line his litter box with, and knocking fresh litter all over the floor. This morning he was more hyper and aggressive than usual. Had ONE person respond to ad and not sure what will come of that. If it doesn't pan out, I am seriously considering dropping him off for his neutering appointment and never picking him up. It's been a long time since I've had a kitten and you do tend to view past experiences with rose tinted glasses but I am sure I would have remembered if past kittens had been such monsters. He can be sweet but he also likes to attack, and not gently, but with claws and teeth. He seems to thrive on the negative attention.
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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2015|03:45 pm]
Got a kitten. Been perusing Craigslist and the two local shelters seeking the right one, found a listing with woman looking to rehome her kitten. Supposedly a purebred La Perm, which her husband got her for her birthday, and cost $500, but she was willing to take $50. Thought it was odd but she said she had leather furniture which doesn't mix with an exuberant kitten who wants to climb on EVERYTHING. Though I took her I wasn't super sold on her at first, weird, huh, as I did pay for her, I have come to enjoy her...when she isn't being a little monster lol.

Been a long time since I've had a kitten so I've forgotten how...energetic they can be. They want to play, you'd better play, for you will know no peace otherwise. Tried to treat her like previous ones, letting her get on the bed with me at night, which of course was the time of day she wanted to run around. Her favorite game? Dive bomb my head as I lie on the bed. Sunday night she got me good on the mouth with her claw and probably on the lip as I got blood in my mouth. Yeah, time for her spend the night, and all nights for the foreseeable future, in the bathroom. I get to sleep unmolested, yay. She can be really sweet when she's purring and wanting to cuddle but when she's all afire I'm ready to sacrifice a child to her to get her to leave me alone lol.

So to Google I go, to get all sorts of advice on the evil spawn that is a kitten. She needs toys. Get toys. She's not really interested in the catnip mouse. I get her this fabric thing she can hug and kick with her back feet, rather than my arm. She is only sporadically interested in that. I think about getting her the circle thing with the ball but instead get her the feather stick thing.

IT IS MAGIC. It awakens in her some ancient biological imperative to GET IT KILL IT DO IT NOOOW. No matter how quickly she gets worn down, she cannot resist the need to get the feather. I've started watching TV again while exercising her lol. Only way I'll get peace from her lol. Cutting into my gaming time as once she's tired out she wants to lay down on my computer table, right in front of or partially on the keyboard. I know, I know, be the alpha and make her move but when she's been quiet I hate to mess with it lol.
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(no subject) [Sep. 29th, 2015|11:27 am]
At the shop, sweaty and stinky and still wearing yesterday's underwear because the fucking apartment management decided that YET AGAIN the parking lot needs to be painted. Or some other stupid shit. From 8:30 to 11:30. Rather than post a notice on your door, they stick it to the staircase in such a way it's not really visible. Brother saw it this time and told me last night about it. I figured it was okay, I was going to leave in the morning to do my mall walk and when I come back, I will park on the STREET.

Insert maniacal laughter.

No, you will NOT be parking on the street, because the fucking street is FULL. And, NO, they did NOT start painting at 8:30 or doing whatever else they're pretending to do, because I was winding through the complex trying to find a place to fucking park. I made a pass of sister's house, intending to hang out there or something, but her dumbass husband is home and I have my own lump of a roommate to hate, so no thanks. So I go home, figure they'll call to tell me to move car. They called at 9:30. FUCK YOU VERY MUCH WITH SOMETHING HUGE AND SPIKEY, HEATHERWOOD APARTMENTS. Couldn't even wait til 10 so I could just kill some time at the mall. So I slam out of apartment, speed out of the parking lot, and come to the shop, pummeling my half loaf of wheat bread to make myself feel less angry. How well that worked is still up in the air.

Mall walkers can be annoying. The old people will walk in pairs or threesomes and spread out along the walkway to make it hard for other people to pass them as they stroll along. Some old biddy comes up to me this morning to get my attention, I don't know what the hell she wanted, I just shook my head at her. And she TOUCHED me on the arm. I do not like to be touched by strangers, because it is simply RUDE. I don't know you, I don't care to know you, and if I act friendly at all it's to be polite or because my job requires me to pretend to be friendly. I wear headphones and walk alone, I am not there to socialize, like most of the mall walkers, because frankly I'd rather be home on my computer than sitting at the mall yakking for a couple of hours while getting as many free refills of coffee as I can. I don't know what she wanted and don't care, there was enough people around there to fulfill whatever need she had, no reason to pick on me. Older I get, the more antisocial I get, and contemptuous of others. I NEED A KITTEN IN MY LIFE.
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(no subject) [Aug. 31st, 2015|02:41 pm]
In yet ANOTHER case of me being completely, unforgivingly stupid, I lost a job offer due to me being unable to pee.

They told me about the year thing but it didn't process that if I fail a drug screen it will be a year til I'm eligible to be employed again by EvilCorp...err, Walmart. I leave the apartment and go to the interview, which was a job offer and paperwork for a background check plus drug screen. This is when they said the thing about the year wait which I didn't completely understand and of course didn't read the paperwork I signed, which told me the same thing. I go to the shop to wait a bit before heading out to do the pee test, drinking some water to help the process along.

To start off the testing clinic's sign says a completely different name and you don't know that it's the right place until you walk right past it. I go in, get the cup, guy enters in the paperwork, tells me to go do the thing. They apparently require a lot more pee than the nursing home did and of course I don't piss enough to make the minimum. ONLY THEN does he tell me that once the paperwork has been entered I can't leave the building until I provide the right amount of pee or it'll be considered a refusal to test. UH if I was going to REFUSE I would hardly go to the fucking place, would I? So I sit in the waiting room and drink 4 or so cups of water, waiting for the urge to hit me. I think it's hit but AGAIN not enough pee. I don't know how long it's going to take and don't want to sit there so I leave. And when I get home I'm ready to go. Apparently it takes me about 45 minutes for it to work through my system.

Like any job I was nervous about being able to do the work and, yes, I do tend to give up too easily, or do real stupid stuff like this morning. Though if I'd known ahead of time about not being able to come back later to do the test, I would have waited. The thing is I was trying to get it done early so I wouldn't inconvenience sister at the shop, as she needs to go and do some work at home, so she can make money to support the shop.

Had a crying fit and now just annoyed at myself for being dumb yet again. Don't really know what hours it would have been but at 25 hours it would be almost as much as I make at the shop.

Well, good thing I got chocolate at the shop and ice cream at home for binging. Forget the fleeting thought about maybe dieting a bit after seeing my actual weight for the first time in years lol. 
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(no subject) [Aug. 28th, 2015|01:25 pm]
Total of level 60s on SWTOR is now 5. Inquisitor, Warrior, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, and Consular. 3 Imps so time for a Pub to get maxed. Hmm trooper or Jedi? I have a Jedi but am not really fond of her and started up a Togruta one which will probably replace her. It's getting to the end of August and the 12x xp will only last into October, not sure of exact date, so time to buckle down and get to it. The farther along you go, the more money you get. Granted, I've been selling off packs I've bought but am now at 7 million, which is a good nest egg for the future Wild Space packs. Not sure if they're dropping this month but at any rate, if they do drop Tuesday, I have only to wait a couple days to get a hypercrate through credits, rather than real money.

Smoky in town last weekend due the rash of wildfires and brother took off for the north to escape the smoke, only to find there's smoke there too. LOL. And that his car is not very comfortable to sleep in. It wasn't as bad on Sunday and is back to normal. And our summer heat looks to be over as the forecast says rain and temps in 70s all of next week, sister says it's supposed to be raining for the next month. LOVE THE RAIN lol.

Rented Until Dawn from Redbox, for, as much as I love horror movies and the idea of playing your own movie is kinda fun, the $60 price tag is too much for a game that might not have a lot of replay value. Well, it could, if the choices do really affect the outcome, but there's a lot of tedious stuff to do over and over to reach the point where you can make a different choice and see how it plays out.

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And got a call back again from Walmart for the new store, which was what I'd kinda intended the apply for, in the beginning. Overnight Dairy/Frozen Foods stocking. Which I'm willing to give a try and think I can do better than having to pull boxes off a truck and toss them on pallets. Yesterday went for interview, after the first they asked me to stay for a second interview, and then a third. Didn't get the third then because they tried calling references and my "references", i.e, brother in law and niece, weren't answering. Thankfully they called again today to ask if I was honest, if I was violent, and if I could do the job. Third interview today and third time to bullshit my way through questions with different answers. Running out of scenarios. 
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(no subject) [Aug. 6th, 2015|02:55 pm]
Here's our customer base in a nutshell:

Woman gets $55 sneakers for clearance price of $5. Still wants to get 10% off the tights and shorts she bought.


FUCK YOU SIDEWAYS WITH THE BIGGEST PIECE OF WOOD EVER. Cheapass Christian theater group. Well, you're not getting a tights card from ME. So THERE.

Lady, I don't know who you think you're fooling when you keep telling your son this isn't how we behave in a store as he messes around. This IS how he behaves in a store, because you don't seem to be curtailing the behavior. Also, I DID NOT APPRECIATE AT ALL you continously telling your daughters we'll just look online for leotards. Oh, you want a skirt with the shoes? You SURE you don't want to GO ONLINE and get it instead?

Another woman spends about 20 minutes letting her two girls try on leotards, the littler one especially even though she has no intention of buying her anything as she doesn't do gymnastics that often, and don't buy anything, even pooh-pooh the ones your daughter likes. I let your little one use the bathroom so she could pee a few drops into the toilet and then you continue to let her try on leotards you have NO INTENTION of buying. And proceed to sashay out, not buying anything. I don't give a fuck if your kids are driving you crazy at home and you're taking them out somewhere to give yourself a break, this is not a mall store where you gotta expect a certain amount of clothes trying on without sales.

This other lady, she gave her daughter the very APT name of Patience, for she must have known she would need a lot of patience in dealing with her. OY VEY. 
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(no subject) [Jul. 20th, 2015|03:30 pm]
Started my 3rd week of mall walks. I think I must be building endurance or something for my lower back didn't start aching til I was halfway through my last lap. Sister has asked niece if it was okay for me to have her bike and approval has been given so eventually bike will come to me. I figure I will do the mall walks during the week and do some bicycle riding on the weekends. Early in the morning, like I was doing my walks, when there is less traffic. Biking should help with the knees.

Also have cut Coke intake down to one can a day during the weekdays. Been drinking bottled water and when I crave something with flavor I get lemonade. Next step: cutting down on the food intake. ONE PLATE is enough. Just because something tastes good doesn't mean you should gorge yourself.

Tried one of the burgers at the local Round Table Pizza, as part of their new clubhouse menu. They need to stick to pizza. The half pound hamburger patty, if it was seasoned at all, it was done with the quickest of shakes. And as this location is skimpy with their sauce, the burger was pretty dry, with only a quick swipe of bbq sauce at the end of the bun. People, grease is NOT sauce. If it was a decent burger, it would be shareable as it was kinda big and I had no room for more than a couple french fries, which were also ho-hum. I make better burgers at home, most definitely. Niece's place of work makes better burgers. 
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(no subject) [Jul. 16th, 2015|02:00 pm]
The new management rep has the very apt last name Fuhrer and waltzed her condescending ass in to look for sister and told me to relay the message that it was "imperative" for her to speak to her. So I spin a portrait of her to sister over the phone, exaggerating a bit but apparently not that much, for sister said when she talked to her, I was not exaggerating at all in describing her bitchy self. She was condescending and bitchy over the phone, all about late rent payment. NINE FUCKING YEARS HERE and all of a sudden they're throwing hissy fits over the rent being late. NINE YEARS. There are all sorts of empty spots in the complex and the most recent addition was a tobacco/vape shop, which I was not thrilled about AT ALL. Fuck Der Fuhrer. Honestly, you marry someone with that name, you gotta expect a fair amount of ribbing. And boy is that ribbing well deserved.

Second customer of the typically slow day is an old biddy who first wants to know what size an adult large is. It varies according to body type, I say, in so many words, because, really, unless you've seen the person you can't really determine what size they might be. Skinny, plump, fat, long, short, so many factors to take into account. Biddy looks at price and says, it's so EXPENSIVE! I say, our leotards are expensive? in honest incredulity. She says yes and I say the ones at the gym are more expensive. Oh, they're $34-35 dollars there, same thing, the biddy who failed at math says. So a $27 leotard is the same as a $34 leotard, I say, which apparently went over her head. Our adult leotards run from $24-27 which is not expensive at all. She wants the $15 cap sleeve cotton leotard in kids size for adult size and of course it's not going to be the same price. Making the $7 jump might be hard to stomach going from child large to adult x-small but child large to adult large is a big difference, it's almost twice as much fabric.

So she mumbles around for a while and leaves eventually. This is what I don't get about adults, how they're unwilling to pay for something for a child and yet have no problem blowing that same amount of money on themselves, for frivoulous things like a manicure or hair dresser or, hell, lattes for every day of the week. Hey, I'm cheap but I paid out $60 for Winnie the Pooh sneakers for niece and then added in a T-shirt she expressed interest in.


Joined a new guild in Old Republic because I am a glutton for punishment and they must mainly be on during the weekends for I've seen at the most 5 online this week and a lot of my gaming time I'm the only one. Back to the conquest grind! On one planet someone was commenting/bragging on having finished their 35k conquest points goal in about a day and made me all jealous and incredulous. Sat down to figure it out and with crafting, you can get this done in about a day if you have all the materials already. 5 companions doing 5 sets makes for 25 in 5 hours. Each invasion weapon crafted gives 500 points. So in 5 hours you get 12,500 points. You need 3 sets to reach goal which would take 15 hours. BUT the stumbling block is having the materials. To do 5 at once with 5 companions you need 300 of each three materials. That's a lot of fucking gathering lol. Or a lot of credits involved in purchasing them off GTN.

New race Togruta showing up next week for 600 cartel coins. Gotta decide who to delete to make room.

Rented It Follows and Ex Machina from Redbox. Ex Machina not bad, could have been more interesting if they'd actually employed the twist they hinted at. As for It Follows...best way to sum it up is to say It Follows the audience as they get up and leave before it's even done, begging them to come back. It's touted as a classic 80s slasher by one reviewer which is NOT at all. It doesn't rejuvenate the genre with its artsy fartsy approach, it BORES it.
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