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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2017|04:06 pm]
Returns, returns, returns.

Unless you've worked for a small business that doesn't do a whole helluva lot of sales to begin with, you do not truly understand how painful it is to have the customers who think, oh, I'll just a whole pile of stuff and toss it at the kid to see what they want to keep, and then bring back all but one of the items. After paying with a credit card, which we have to pay a fee to process, and then another fee to refund it.

Lady comes in looking for a biketard. Don't really have anything in the size so she goes with a leotard and shorts. Asks if it can be returned if it's unworn. SIGH. Already two returns this morning. And she adds in that they're going to another place so if they find something there they'll bring this back. It's apparently the only one in her size. Uh, no, there are several more leotards in her size but WHATEVER. I ask her if she'd like me to put it on hold for her, so she can check this "other place" out and then they can come back to get this. She says, oh, no, I'll just buy this and if we find something else we'll bring it back. I sigh audibly, my bad. She asks, did you just growl at me? I say, no, just breathing, and then add on that we pay a credit card fee each way--which sister wants to me deduct while doing returns but I never do--when buying and returning so she agrees to put it on hold, says to keep it for 48 hours. Most likely she's not going to come back and she'll tell people I growled at her lol. I don't see the point in selling it to her if she's just going to return it. Yeah, yeah, I shouldn't have sighed but too often we get the people who'll buy different styles for the absent kid and then bring back the extras.
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(no subject) [Dec. 29th, 2016|05:08 pm]
2016 is working hard to get its last lumps in.

Reality of getting older, of course, is that the celebrities of your youth grow old too and die. So many passing this year and the latest being Carrie Fisher, then her mother shortly after. George Michael, whom I was never a fan of, but was just a year older than me.

And for a personal 2016 lump, sister's oldest husky, the one she got for niece, has been diagnosed with adrenal cancer. He's only SEVEN. He's supposed to have another seven years in him. Vet says the surgery will cost between $5-7K and IF he survives it, he can expect to live another year. It would still be a hefty price to pay if he would live out his natural lifespan but just another year? He was hurting yesterday so she took him into the vet and X-ray showed something in his stomach, plus what the vet thought were fatty tissues on his kidneys, but was actually a tumor. They did the ultrasound today. Niece went along too and of course she was upset, he's her baby, if he doesn't live with her, and he's such a good, happy go lucky boy. So! We are researching alternate treatments. Cannabis oil is supposed to work on tumors so we'll see if that can be an option. Sister could find a way to pay for it, by maxing out her cards, but if it's only to get him a year, rather than a continuation of his lifespan...and if he doesn't survive the operation, they'll basically just toss up their hands and say, oh well! and deposit the money.

Dogs are such weird creatures. Their mini Aussie, who suffered a bad episode after a vet gave her a medication a simple Google search tells you should NOT be given to an Aussie, has lived to the age of 14 and probably has another couple years left in her. She's showing her age but can still gambol around like a puppy when the mood strikes her.
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Continuing story of How Much Centurylink Completely and TOTALLY Sucks! [Dec. 19th, 2016|06:02 pm]
Centurylink techs could not find out how to hook up the service. And so switched to Comcast but Centurylink WOULD NOT RELEASE the phone number for a couple weeks. Business is slow enough as it is, can't afford to have people think we've shut down, so sister had the number forwarded to her cell phone, because Centurylink is too stupid to know where they installed lines and boxes.

But, oh, it gets BETTER! This forwarding of phone number is what they call a "market expansion pack". And the rep didn't disclose AT ALL how much it would cost, or that they were also adding in a second line in this "market expansion pack" so that a second call would come through. Yeah, sister should have asked how much it would cost but I guess she kinda figured it wouldn't cost much or anything, given that they were holding on to our phone number like Gollum hugging the ring. Wrong! Bill came out to $120 for them to forward calls for TWO FUCKING WEEKS. If we had KNOWN they didn't remember how to install basic stuff like PHONE LINES would have gone to Comcast to begin with.

And calling them gets nothing for they keep falling back on, oh, this is a MARKET EXPANSION PACK and not a landline. We don't fucking care that we're too stupid to figure out how to install an actual land line, we forwarded calls for you so pay up!

So anyone out there considering Centurylink, consider again.

Now I sit back and see if the Centurylink reps are still crawling through Livejournal reading entries lol.
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(no subject) [Dec. 19th, 2016|05:49 pm]
Was rereading old favorites of plnunn and got bit again by the Weiss Kreuz bug. Hey, it's not great anime, but it was the first one I got into the whole fandom thing. I'm old, anime for me used to be sending a guy in San Francisco blank video tapes to copy me anime that might be subbed, if I was lucky. You young whippersnappers whining about modern download speeds, it used to take a DAY to download a half hour anime episode on dial up. And then you find out your computer or video card isn't up to snuff and it won't play right anyways.


Rightstuf Anime has volumes 2-4 of Weiss Kreuz--called Shadow Hunters for the American release--for $3.99 each SCORE. Got all 3 and expedited shipping for under $20. Now just to find the first one and then the Gluhen series. I imagine they never did anything for Side B?

And while also trying to hunt down Yami No Matsuei DVDs--have to get the ones titled Descendants of Darkness or you might get the cheap Chinese versions with really poor English translations--I see the mangaka did actually continue the series. Art style is really changed but it's continued at least. Hear that, CLAMP? If Yoko Matsushita can get back into it after 7 years of nothing, maybe you can finish X? They probably just don't know how to wrap it up, better to ignore it lol.

Saw Rogue One yesterday. Enjoyed it.

Major Rogue One spoilers!Collapse )
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(no subject) [Nov. 26th, 2016|08:05 pm]
Getting Internet and phone service to new location has been SOOO MUCH FUN.

Integra is all, hey, we're moving on to bigger and better things and we don't care about expanding speed for the suckers using our service. On to Centurylink, who continues their escalating level of suck by being incapable of finding the wiring they installed in the first fucking place. LMAO. Same tech two days in a row, says he can't find the mythical box to connect to, and then the only one he can find won't connect to our space. So NOT ONLY can they not install phone or Internet, they're hanging onto the phone number we transferred to them for a couple weeks so until Monday we've had to get calls forwarded to sister's cell phone. SIGH. So only option left is Comcast. Oh, sure, there's DirecTV but they use Centurylink and Centurylink couldn't find their own ass in the dark with both hands and a spotlight.

Painted new place last Sunday a lovely shade of lilac and after several days have sorted all the crap in the old shop, gotten the slat walls down, the dressing room dismantled, and all that remains is to empty it out. Took way too fucking long to find people to come pick up the FREE FUCKING STUFF and now gonna see how long it'll take someone to come pick up wood and slat walls.

Good Thanksgiving dinner. First solid food since teeth pulling. MISSED SOLID FOOD. I guess I can give thanks for being able to generate enough good credit to be able to spend the next four years paying off the removal of three teeth? SIGH.
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(no subject) [Nov. 19th, 2016|09:25 am]
Monday night started developing a toothache. Continued for the next couple of days with a constant ache. Wednesday night my cheek at the jaw line swelled up to chipmunk proportions so...time to see the dentist. SIGH. No insurance so signed up for Care Credit, getting a card for about $800 worth of service. Off to dentist. They do X-rays, say I'll need 2 or 3 pulled, and refer me to an oral surgeon. Dentist also told me if the swelling started expanding back to my ear I should go to the ER toot sweet. LOVELY. Oral surgeon office just a few blocks up the road so I go right there to make an appointment. Receptionist took a look at me, said they were going to force me into the schedule, and after a few hours of waiting and marinating 3 teeth were pulled. Also told the rest were pretty much done for, some were already gone, and should make plans to remove the rest before getting another infection. Had to suck out some pus from infected teeth, apparently.

Gave me a prescription for strong antibiotics, which I have to also eat priobiotic yogurt to get some of the good bacteria back, and codeine. I am incapable of swallowing pills. Seriously. I've tried the various tricks but I gag when trying to swallow it and if I put the pill in food, my mind--which will allow me to swallow big hunks of meat I should really chew more--will make me bite down on the food because it knows the pill is in there. So asked for liquid. The antibiotics isn't bad but the codeine is NASTY SHIT. I almost puked it up. Last time I got teeth pulled I didn't use pain meds and was in agony once the anesthesia wore off. Not doing that this time. The codeine must have worked really well for I didn't feel anything once the anesthesia wore off. Pretty much pain free most of the day, just some aching, which is to be expected. Soft food for days so eating cottage cheese, passable Activia, and pudding. Mashed potatoes today and tomorrow, probably. Activia, you really need to expand your flavor selections. Only flavor I was interested in was vanilla. It's not bad but not something I'd want to eat regularly.

As I'm laying on the table waiting for them to start, I'm thinking, oh, $800 should cover it, last time it cost me $150. Well, more than 20 years ago. $1272!!!! to get three teeth pulled. Yes, young man shadowing the doctor, you should indeed go into oral surgery, you'll make a killing. At that point I was pretty much ready to get up and leave, figuring this wasn't getting done, but they were nice enough to accept a payment plan for the extra $472, $20 a month. For the next 4 years lol. Yup, time indeed to get the part time job. If it costs that much to get three teeth pulled imagine what it'll cost to get the rest out. Decent used car price. If I get them all done at once I will be going under, thank you very much. Quicker that way and I don't have to hear the cracking and sawing and feel the tugging.

All my fault, of course. Should have been keeping up on them and doing this a few at a time. But oh well. Then I get dentures and will be able to eat again things I've had pass on, for fear of crumbling teeth. Apples. Corn on the cob. Ribs on bone lol.

Did a follow up visit yesterday and swelling had gone down a bit, doctor was pleased with progress. This morning it's gone down more so I figure by next appointment on Wednesday it should be gone. Another benefit is I'm not getting the crazy restless feet thing that's screwed with my sleeping.
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(no subject) [Nov. 12th, 2016|01:04 pm]
Best part about going internet? No more chattering monkeys tearing through the store as their moms swan around obliviously. No more chattering monkeys, period. I am SO READY for it.

Here at the damn shop on a Saturday because sister has to get a shitload done this weekend for a bunch of delusional idiots who have NO TROUBLE dithering around when they have to make an actual fucking decision but will bleat if they can't get their stuff done RIGHT NOWWW. SOOO MANY STUPID PEOPLE taking weeks or months to give her the most basic info, like, y'know, FUCKING MEASUREMENTS. And then cry if they don't get their stuff done when they want it, though they are responsible completely for the delay. Could write a book on all the stupid things they do, sheesh.

Speaking of delusional, sister is delusional if she thinks we can get the shop moved over in half a day. I just wanna burn it all. I've done a paltry amount organization because I look around and am stymied by what I can do. Gonna be SOOO MUCH FUN settling in new shop that is smaller than this one. Those people better be coming through on their promise to help her get the business going online.
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(no subject) [Nov. 8th, 2016|08:36 pm]
Washington state, I am REALLY DISAPPOINTED in you. I am disappointed in a lot of people who will believe this buffoon will make America great again, simply because he wears a baseball cap.

But, hey, America, you're getting a president you deserve! And he's gonna make the last Bush look like a genius.
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(no subject) [Nov. 7th, 2016|03:18 pm]
Niece totaled her dad's car. Spun out somehow, it went up on top of a divider and wrecked the front end. $11k in damages. Insurance company wisely chose to offer them about $4200 for it, which totally works as it's twice what the blue book value is and almost 3/4 what they paid for it. Thankfully niece wasn't hurt, just shaken up. Can kinda blame the accident on bro in law, as niece was leery of driving his vehicle and if the two of them had the kind of relationship for it, she would have asked him to drive it for her. But he's not really made himself available to her in that way, her mom she wouldn't think twice of asking but at that time sister was super busy and niece knew it wasn't a good time. But...it works out, car will get replaced once they pay out.

Moving the store this weekend. YIKES. Opening at new location is a week from tomorrow. The moving sale was kind of a bust as didn't take flyers to studios so all we got was normal customers. One local gym owner sister has known for over a decade, her husband is making a new web site for the business and he and wife are going to help make the business go BOOM. Well, most likely a small subdued boom but, hey, a boom is a boom no matter the size. They have the connections we don't so hopefully this will actually work.
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(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 2016|04:39 pm]
Ah, Walmart.com. You are full of stoopid.

I order the Orphan Black Funko of Helena in her bloody wedding dress through Walmart.com because it has a free ship to store option. Monday I start looking through my email to clarify the Tuesday pick up time. No emails. WEIRD. I never delete emails for stuff I've ordered. Hell, I still have the email for the Cyberpowerpc I bought 4 years ago. So I look at my checking account and see that, yes, the charge is on my card. Call them and they claim to have no record of my order. Told me to get with my bank and do a charge back. Rather than do that, I call the store it's supposed to be shipped to and they say, oh, yeah, it's here. IDJITS. All the same Helena is now sitting next to Agent Carter. Funko, I wish you would be consistent in providing bases to display the figures. Katana had one but Cowboy Deadpool didn't and neither did Agent Carter or Helena.

Computer is being looked at. HOPING it'll be as easy as them putting thermal paste on it.

Returned Sony headphones because they sounded staticky in PS4's main menu. Brother says, oh, it must be something you did. Uhh, NO. Granted, it didn't happen in game but I'm not hanging onto them if they do it in one area. He tells sister that it's because I didn't want them that I say that. I didn't want him to spend so much on them when a cheaper pair would be fine. Replacement pair is Hyperx Cloud Core and so far not super thrilled with them. On mic one person was fine and another muffled, so I guess it can be the one person's mike. I think what I'm not thrilled with is I'm used to the Turtle Beach where they plug into the PS4 and not the controller. Gonna have to call Best Buy to see if their replacement plan covers how the Turtle Beach headsets usually break.

EBay SUCKS. It's been a long time since I sold on there but now your listings won't show up right away. They will show up approximately 24 hours from when you created the listing, or even as much as 36. Do you get a credit for that? NOPE.
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