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(no subject) [Dec. 16th, 2014|10:35 am]
CRAZY weather last week. Very windy, ripped shingles off the roof of sister's house. Not a lot of shingles but a few, and she thought it had also ripped off a vent but it turned out it was someone else's vent. Apparently the builders did a crappy job with the roof. SHOCKING! But she's lived there a long time now and it seems to be the first time the roof has needed fixing. Power was out a few times as well, about 40K people out of power. Went out at the shop too and most of the little strip mall. VERY DARK in the shop without lights lol. Power went out again on Saturday but it was only for a small area due to equipment failure. I think California is getting all our rain and L.A. even had a little tornado touch down.

Christmas shopping done! JCPenney one stop shopping with a credit card lol. Shirts for everyone! Because everybody always needs shirts. Went to the Cash and Carry afterwards to get the holiday roast. Beef prices been going up, chuck roast is $5 a pound now. Kinda balances out with lower gas prices? Not really lol. But at the Cash and Carry top sirloin was $3.87 a pound so almost 15 pounds was $55. Usually get it every year, cut it into thirds or fourths, and it's good meat. The brisket though has doubled from what I used to pay, it's now close to the top sirloin price. Chuck roast was $3.09 there but might as well go the extra amount to get the sirloin.

Slogging determinedly through Old Republic. Shifted from a Jedi run of the Revan DLC to Sith run. Will Theron Shan show up for the Sith to flirt with? As a Sith it's weird to do Tython and kill the familiar faces that have trained my Jedis. Now I'm focusing on finishing up the Imperial Agent as her storyline is getting a bit more interesting. Only bad thing about it is without the big xp boost, I have to do all the boring side missions to get her leveled up. On the other hand experience with other characters has taught me to equip better so the gold star foes are not quite as brutal to me as they were with other characters. And sometimes Kaliyo survives the fight! LOL. Almost ready at level 45 to leave Belsavis. Hoth can be annoying but Belsavis is even more of a pain in the ass, with the way they set up the missions and buildings to block you and force you to go all the way around. Or the little arrow icon telling you this is your destination is WRONG and the goal point is actually behind it. Most Annoying Mission Award goes to the one where you have to take out Trandoshans, as it's hard for me to find and getting there requires you to pass by/through an area of level 50 foes. So I make sure to kill every single Trandoshan in the area.

Eventually I will return to my other games and maybe by then Ubisoft will have done all their patches in Unity? RIGHT lol. SHEESH if I'd just waited I could have bought it for half off. Ah, well. 
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(no subject) [Dec. 2nd, 2014|10:46 am]
Good turkey day. Dinner went off well, turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, stuffing, potato rolls. Ate at five, was out the door just past six to head home and continue my feverish attempt to level off as many characters as I can on Old Republic. Jedi Consular is currently sitting at 51 and still has Corellia after Voss but I should have her done with class mission sometime tomorrow. One person in chat was boasting about how they got up to 55 in 8 hours...with two other people running the missions. Well, SURE, the missions run faster if you're got others doing it with you. I'm doing mine solo pretty much all the time, unless I'm doing the ops. I mix the ops in with regular class mission so I've been lucky enough to be running about 4 levels above the typical enemies of the area I'm in.

Been watching to see if Amazon will do another sale on the PS Plus but doesn't look like it, so spent the $50 credit on a membership and a pack of Cartel Coins, discounted $5. And THEN I look at the SWTOR Reddit page and see Gamestop is selling the 2400 Cartel Coin pack for half price. Bought a couple of those too. I WILL HAS THE BANTHA. Though I'm kinda looking at Treek as it is kinda cute even if the squeaking chatter might be annoying after a while.

Downloaded the Plants Vs Zombies game I kinda bought the tablet for, and of course it doesn't play without an internet connection, which I should have here at the shop, but don't. Have sister's permission to contact Comcast about switching as she's also annoyed with the lack of connection for mobile devices. No traffic at the shop, one phone call asking if we have the bra tek nudie leotards. Um, NOPE, because it would be $45 retail and you cheap asses wouldn't want to pay that much. Will be VERY DISAPPOINTED if no one shows up at all for I could just as easily be twiddling my thumbs at home. No Black Friday shopping for me, though I think I will go to Fred Meyers after closing down the shop to see what they have as far as covers for the tablet.

And in my Cartel Coin binge I bought enough packs to get a BANTHA. Now to decide which companion gets to have it! Each pack has "rare" items but mostly it's fluff stuff, reputation builders and some stuff you can trade for items in certain areas. Technically the Jedi Knight should have the Bantha as she's the one who picked the pack but we'll see. The Jedi Consular would look cooler on it and the Sith Warrior would also look funny on it. Those suckers apparently go for a couple million credits on the GTN. I wouldn't want to sell it if I got several of them because EVERYONE should have a Bantha lol.

The 12x xp boost has ended SNIFF SNIFF. I powered through three characters yesterday to get them up to level 55. Sith Warrior and Inquisitor, Jedi Consular, ending with four at 55. Bounty Hunter was at 52 but chose to try and get the Imperial Agent up as high as I could. I figure with the Bounty Hunter I can go to Illum and do the side quests there as well as the class mission to get her leveled up and then do the Makeb side missions if need be. Got the Imperial Agent only up to level 36. The real time waster in the missions is traveling from one area to the other then back again. I might have been able to do better with the Imperial Agent but sister wanted me to take a full shift at the shop so no staying up til 2 or 3 in the morning grinding levels.

And now we are on the first day of the early access for the Revan DLC with all sorts of changes. Talent tree is gone and replaced by Disciplines, which made me have to choose again which one I wanted to do. Seer, Telekinetics, and Balance. Went with Telekinetics. Benevolence seems to have a shorter cast time, which is helpful, but Qyzen also seems to be taking damage faster. And the mobs are getting more reactive, on Illum, at least. My usual strategy is to send Qyzen in to attack and draw aggro but soon as I deal a hit some of the mob will shift and come after me. So will have to use the power to lessen aggro. They've literally added flash to everything, especially the quickbar which will light up the attack it thinks you need to do. And the default lays your action icon right over the HP bar so you can't see you're about to die until you do. And it's too late to heal. Fixed that in the editor. Have also found that the field around a mob or single enemy has expanded so that another one nearby is more likely to see the action and get pulled into the fight. People, I expect to be able to solo these missions, not beg for others to join up with me so I can get done what I was able to do before the upgrade. 
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(no subject) [Nov. 26th, 2014|01:02 pm]
Aw, gee, ma'am, thanks for calling to tell me you "may or may not be in tonight". Yup, we were closed this last Saturday because sister had a lot of work to do and I had NO DESIRE to be at the shop considering how low the sales have been lately. THANKS, though, for calling as well to see why we weren't open. And thanks also for the hearty laugh you gave me after you said you may or may not come in.

Sister has asked me and have decided to jump back into the job pool. Yes, there are things I can be doing, but I feel...stymied. Or more like, what's the point? I have no idea how to drive traffic to the Etsy page, the web page always seemed like a bust given how few people buy stuff from it. I've also tried contacting dance studios pre recital season with an e-catalog type of thing and heard nothing back from them. Probably not until after January and will stay with this until I do find something.

Trying to power through with the Sith Inquisitor's storyline this weekend, determined to finish it out. Stayed up til almost 4AM last night--this morning?--trying to do a boss fight. Horak-Mul was the last boss in The Ritual and giving me a helluva time. Spent a lot of credits upgrading gear for both Ashara and Khem Val. Khem Val went down pretty fast. Ashara lasted longer and managed to do more damage than the TANK companion. Decided to do a couple side quests this morning to get to level 50 and GODDAMN what a difference a level makes! At level 50 Horak-Mul went down in one try. Definitely worth doing the tedious side quest to boost me up. Plus level 50 gives the ability to revive an ally in combat. Guess who's more useful now in flashpoints? MEEEE lol. And damn it coulda saved myself a lot of time and frustration last night by simply doing a mission to reach level 50. Probably helped as well that I was finally able to use the purple level 50 focus piece I had.  Was considering shifting to another talent tree but decided to give it one more try as a healer and see how much of a difference level 50 granted.

I've found Andronikus to be more useful in a fight than Khem and replaced him with Ashara once I got her, as she's also very useful. Got a new companion, Xalek, and will have to give him a try, see if he proves more useful than Ashara. According to one guide he's supposed to double as a ranged dps and melee tank. As Sorcerer I've been doing mostly ranged attacks and healing, only going melee when I really really need more resources to power attacks or healing.

Well, and have finished the Inquisitor's first three chapters, the main storyline. Thanaton's apprentice, who will always be Roosterhead to me, was far harder than Thanaton himself. Once I shifted tactics from solely healing and supporting to attacking, I finally beat Roosterhead. Thanaton's two fights went down fairly easy in comparison, got him both times first try. Now the Inquisitor is Darth Nox and sits on the Dark Council. Shoulda made the ghosts stay but honored the deal and let them go, except for the one who didn't want to go back to icy Hoth. Nothing but ice and boring pirates to terrorize, who'd want to stay there? Ended up at level 52 and now that there's only a week left, I need to decide who else I want to build up, because after this it's back to the ugly old grind of doing the same side quests again and again. Not the smuggler, as I've gone through all of the smuggler's story already, as entertaining as it is to have Nolan North playing a Sith smuggler. So...Jedi Consular, Imperial Agent, and Trooper are the ones who need to be worked on.

Started on the Trooper but the healer companion kinda sucks and I did something to her toolbar that made it disappear. OOPS. Tried fiddling with the editor but no good. Switched to Jedi Consular and ran on her for a while. The Vivicar fight took 3 or 4 tries, I forget exactly. He doesn't seem really tough but he has a BIG attack that'll wipe you out in one shot. One second Qyzen was okay and the next, he's down. So I activated the Heroic Moment and used the Legacy Choke power to interrupt him from unleashing the big spanking. You're supposed to be able to see the big attacks show up on screen as the character powers them up but I'm still learning to watch for them and interrupt them. Also helps to be 4 levels above the boss. Consular has gotten up to level 41 and will hopefully get her main class mission done this week.

Amazon was generous/silly enough to give me their rewards Visa card with $1000 limit. What do I do once I have it? Run out and buy a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. $250 at Target and with the service plan it came to $350. Am already feeling buyer's remorse as it sits charging on a table. Sure, I'll use it while working here but when I move on to other job, how often will I use it? At home I have computer, PS4 and PS3. I bought a tablet so I could play Plants Vs Zombies??? LMAO. I will hopefully get more use out of it that THAT.

Now I need a case for it. They had this kinda cute doggy looking one at Target but will look elsewhere before making decision.
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(no subject) [Nov. 18th, 2014|01:23 pm]
Contrary to what a previous Square Trade rep told me, I have to go through Netgear first to get the modem replaced. So, yeah, if you're contemplating buying a Square Trade warranty, it DOES NOT supplant the existing warranty on a product, it merely extends it. You're stuck working with the manufacturer until their warranty ends. I'm still stuck with getting the modem replaced and reselling it.

Bitch, why the fuck did you bother coming into the shop if you're "just gonna buy it online anyways?" Save yourself a trip next time and me calling you a stupid bitch after you've walked out. THIS is why we're no longer interested in keeping the shop going. Get too many people who make a face at the price and say they'll buy it online. And the ones who are always so "happy" we're here so they don't have go into Portland, they're usually just buying tights and probably do buy their more expensive shoes online. Sorry, bitches, your $10-15 purchase every couple months isn't enough to keep us going. We are a business and like any capitalist business we are in it to make money. And given there's no other place here in town that sells what we do, we should be making money but we are not. GOOD LUCK, BITCH, with your online purchase! I'm not real good at faces but I remember your big fat self so if you try to come in here later to "try on shoes" it's gonna be NOPE NOPE NOPE. We do not pay $2000 a month to maintain a storefront just so you can use us as your try-on place for online purchases.

But then did get a girl in looking for a black unitard for a Catwoman cosplay and when quoted a $50 price they weren't making the same face as fat dance mom. $50 is not a bad price for a long sleeve unitard with a zipper up the front and mock turtleneck in moisture wicking body flex. They seemed honest about the promise to come back for a fitting and to prepay for it. 
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(no subject) [Nov. 18th, 2014|10:52 am]
No, we are not open today. I thought it would be fun to sit at the shop all day long to answer the phone and say we're closed. Who needs the comfort of home and the entertainments therein when you can come sit in a shop with crappy internet?

Ah, you want to buy cheap tap oxfords but don't think the two we have are any good? That's fine, run off to The Leotard, I'm sure they'll have lots of different styles of cheap tap shoes. And when you're looking at cheap tap shoes, cheap Capezio's are not necessarily going to be better than Danshuz. I'll tell you a secret: one time we got a pair of the Danshuz and it had a Capezio insole which leads one to believe they're made in the same factory.

Last week Target was having a very cool sale in which you buy 2 video games and get one free. So I rushed in to buy Asssasins Creed Unity and Rogue, getting the Halo collection game as my freebie, with the intention to leave it unopened and trade it in for Far Cry 4. Alas, they did not do a straight exchange, only giving me a $40 credit towards Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Well, at the least, I saved $40 so there's that!

Unity is not getting good reviews from what little I've seen. I played about an hour of it and Paris is VERY PRETTY. Combat is a bit different but haven't played much yet so hard to say. The police/guards seem to be weirdly suspicious of Arno, like going on alert soon as they see him. He doesn't look any more suspicious than anyone else on the street, sheesh! Hiding in the bushes seems to be replaced by the cover mechanism which can be a bit of a pain as I'm not sure what button to push to make him get OUT of cover. Rogue game has the naval combat of Black Flag but a little improved, to my mind. Haven't played much of it beyond one morning session as I'm still working on Star Wars: Old Republic.

Leveling up to 55 in Old Republic is not easy when you have 12 character slots and feel the need to keep starting up a new one to make it a different specialty. My Sith Inquisitor/Sorcerer is up to 40 and need to just roll with him but I got distracted by the lure of making a Sith smuggler named Cthulhu-sama and got him up to level 22 already. Switched out all my inventory on the old smuggler I had and will probably delete her. The Sith smuggler is going dark side, making Corso OH SO DISAPPOINTED in him.

So for a change I have a gaming backlog. Four new games to play, Dragon Age game seems to have Final Fantasy level of gameplay hours, which is cool, and might have to crack it open just to play with the character creator. From one post I read on Far Cry 4, you can actually finish the game in about 15 minutes or so by doing...nothing. LOL. Still got Evil Within to play too. 
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(no subject) [Oct. 31st, 2014|11:36 am]
Drive-by shooting happens in Vancouver near a school. Portland news stations are oblivious and running Halloween segments, while running a brief blurb at the bottom of the screen about a couple murders in Portland. These are the same stations who will break into local programming when snow flakes start to fall and then spend an hour or so speculating on how much snow is falling, and here's videos of the snow flakes falling.


I leave the apartment this morning to go hang out at sister's for a bit before opening the shop and while going my usual route, I see the road has been blocked off ahead by a pair of police cars. WEIRD. So I turn left to go down to Andresen and Andresen has been closed off up to 63rd. I also see one of those police department type of long mobile homes you see in movies, that they use as mobile command centers, going down the road. Backtrack to go another way and call sister to have her check to see what's happening. Apparently there was a drive-by shooting near the fire station and police shut down the roads, plus put the school on lockdown at a time when school kids are starting to arrive. Wonder if they diverted the school buses when this happened? Because they do have a fair amount of kids who take the bus to school.

The guy was in the wind but got tracked down to a trailer park that is RIGHT BY my niece's apartment. News report indicates he's dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound. The woman he shot had filed a suit against him along with her husband and since he'd threatened a lawyer, presumably one who'd assisted in the suit, they had a law office and courtroom locked down. Weird and scary stuff. 
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(no subject) [Oct. 22nd, 2014|05:52 pm]
Spoilery stuff for Star Wars: The Old Republic...Collapse )
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(no subject) [Oct. 20th, 2014|05:33 pm]
Getting business from local high school team has been a headache. I've been dumb and haven't kept as good records as I should, stupid high school girls keep calling to ask about gear that was picked up a month or more ago by the coaches. And then I get flustered and annoyed because I can't find the info or remember. Even though there was a "cut-off date" they added girls in afterwards.

DEARIE, reading the fucking card you're flashing at me. It says TIGHTS and SHORTS. NOT SHOES. So, no, I'm not marking your card for the shoes you just bought because there is NO WAY we could afford to give away free shoes.


Woman who's been sewing for sister for years has decided to start up her own business selling leggings. The same kind of leggings sister has been making. She thinks sister should sell her a pattern. NOPE. She thinks sister should hold her hand and guide her through the process of finding fabric, elastic, where to buy labels, all that kinda shit. FUCKING NO. She tells sister, this is going to benefit YOU. UMM how the fuck does that benefit sister, someone selling the thing she's been making for years? She says, hey, I'll do YOU a favor, when I get money, you can sell me the fabric you don't want. You know, dig through all the piles of your fabric and decided what you don't want to have, doesn't mean I'll want to buy it after you spent a couple days piling it up. She says, hey, we can go in together on a roll of fabric. GIGANTIC FUCKING NO. She's gonna have to learn how involved the whole process is, finding fabric sites and picking the RIGHT fabric, plus all the other little details. Yeah, this same bitch who picks what she'll sew on, and doesn't want to sew black fabric because it's "too dark" in her sewing room, but won't get a light to make it better.
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(no subject) [Oct. 20th, 2014|06:24 am]
Amazing how much easier it is to beat a boss when you actually USE the mission item against him. Darth Skotias was being a pain in the ass for my Sith Inquisitor, his HP just doesn't go down much at all, so I look for hints on it and one person says that even with using the inhibitor they had a hard time. Uh, DUHH, I wasn't using the inhibitor. And when I did...took one try. Started up the Inquisitor last night, played on it for about 4 hours or so and am now up to level 20 after another hour of play this morning. Did a couple extra missions but am mostly doing class missions since they give the real xp boost. Class mission though seems a lot like the Sith Warrior class mission. Hook up with a Master, do his/her dirty work to advance them in the Sith hierarchy.

Was doing okay with the Jedi Consular but then got stuck on a boss fight. Usually I can find hints online to help but apparently no one's had trouble with this guy, for I can find nothing. Or they're not spelling the name right. Only found one entry saying they were having trouble but no solution. Problem is the guy doesn't just focus on one at a time in the fight, he's bopping around to hit both of us so sometimes I can keep my companion's health up but end up dying because I can heal companion but can't really heal self that well. Another problem I seem to be having is I run out of Force energy to do the big attacks I need to take him down. So I started up another Jedi Consular to see if starting from scratch and getting the quicker leveling up will help.

The pizza skull rolls turned out GREAT. The 3d mini skull Wilton pan worked PERFECTLY. Nice skull shape with prominent features. Will have to get a pic from niece as I didn't take a picture of it. Also made stove top macaroni to go with it as it seemed like just a pizza wrap wouldn't be enough for dinner. Also used the skull cupcake pan I've had laying around for a year or two. That wasn't as good as the 3d pan but serviceable.

Sister asks me what I plan to do in two years after shop closes. Says the funniest thing to me, that she doesn't want me to pass up on an opportunity if it comes along. Uh, WHAT opportunity? The opportunity to work at Walmart? There's no "opportunities" for me. All I can hope for is something that gives me enough hours to make the same kind of money.
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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2014|11:04 am]
Emptied out my Gamefly queue of anything not already released, in anticipation of the new releases, and they shipped Evil Within out today. Which is weird, 'cause they usually don't ship new releases out til the day before official release date, so it's possible I might get it on Monday but more likely on Tuesday. I am kinda tempted to bump up to two releases just to see if they'll send me the Borderlands prequel too but I can just rent that one through Redbox. I've been good and proven I can save money, got $200 now set aside for the November video games. Intended purchases are the two Assassins Creed games, Far Cry 4, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Call of Duty looks mildly interesting, will have to see if I can con brother into going halves on it. Oh, hell, might as well just rent that one too, the game's certainly not going to be long enough to justify a $60 purchase considering I just do the campaign and not much with the online.

Am starting to slog through Clone Wars on Netflix and they've started airing Star Wars: Rebels on TV. It's surprisingly good mostly because it's exploring the little pockets of rebellion springing up, and hopefully will get more into what has happened to the potential Jedi after the their temple's fall. Despite the canon of the first three movies, it seems impossible for the Jedi to have been completely wiped out. The strong ones, yeah, but there's got to be others with no quite as much talent lurking around. It's down to numbers: with a population of one billion, if you figure one percent are potential Jedi, that's ten million. At a half percent, it's still 5 million. At .1 percent it's a million. If there's about a million scattered through the galaxy, it's not really feasible they could all be wiped out, because the Empire wouldn't have time to be doing anything else, like subjugating the galaxy lol. And there's also how it might skip a generation as Anakin's mom didn't seem to have any powers. And if they were actively hunting down all potential Jedi you'd think they'd have come across an old guy hiding out on a desert planet who just happened to be the sole survivor of the Jedi council.

Got my Secret World character into Tokyo, which opens up a whole new system called AEGIS. The enemies in Tokyo have some kind of resistance to certain attacks or something like that, so you use the AEGIS thing to cancel out this resistance. It's like they're all shielded and once you eat through the shield, you can start taking down their health. Yet another thing to spend SP on, which is good, as the Dragon has maxed out all basic abilities, SP wise, and the secondary weapons I've gotten, with the exception of flamethrower as it requires another mission pack. And watching Clone Wars and the new Rebels show got me hankering to play Old Republic again so I start it up...and wait as it spends what seems like a couple hours updating. And it was probably two hours as I watched two shows while waiting for it to finish.

Huh, it's been so long since I played Old Republic, I'd forgotten I did the bounty hunter's main storyline, as well as the Jedi. So newer mission was to hit Corellia and do some stuff there, only I kept dying because I was pulling too many people to fight. Gonna have to take a look at my Sith to see if I can move him along, last time I played him, was on Voss and got stuck in some missions due to him not being tough enough. We'll see whether a run of Secret World has helped me to get my character leveled better. Not sure if the smuggler got finished. Of course the two I did finish, I did with help but it's not likely the person I had back then is still around, considering I haven't played the game in months or even longer than a year.

So started up a new trooper and been working on the Jedi Consular. FUCK YOU, Mysterious Sith! Took 2 or 3 hours of trying to beat the shithead. Forgot that it's best to be at least 2 levels above the gold starred bosses. Plus I might have been able to get it done quicker if I'd gotten the Heroic Moment training, as one site suggested having the Heroic Moment power to help with the fight. I took the plunge and did the preorder for the Revan DLC along with subscribing, which nets a 12x xp boost. But only on class missions. FEH.

But I did get help from a nice player who gifted me with a speeder and some credits. The Jedi Consular's class mission is...Jedi council members are suffering from a dark plague and she must cure them. Trooper story line I know a bit better as I think I did the end fight with the guy I used to play with.

The Evil Within come I don't have a gun to shoot this damn chainsaw guy??? Right, it got taken away from me. So it's creeping around and getting caught and eviscerated and beheaded by the chainsaw guy as I try to figure out HOW to get past him. Most definitely a rental. I played it a bit and then went back to Old Republic.
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