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(no subject) [Jun. 10th, 2016|05:31 pm]
If I start surfing through the WatchPeopleDie community on Reddit, maybe the customers will go away?

So because I'm still a child even in my 50s, I punished myself by bringing nothing for birthday lunch and told sister never mind on getting me something, I brought my own. Ritz crackers and cheese whiz for lunch, yum.

Fucking brother encouraging trailer trash to hang out even longer. Oh, she almost forgot she attached a charm to her necklace. At least she paid for it while assuring me she was coming back to buy a leotard. SURE YOU ARE. If it $16 is too much for shorts you're certainly not going to shell out for a leotard. And if you do come back PLEASE COME BACK when I'm not here. I swear you only came in because you were bored. I, however, am never so bored that I want someone to come in off the streets and spend half an hour trying on shit.
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(no subject) [Jun. 9th, 2016|01:10 pm]
SORRY, dearie, you cannot use your mommy's card. Why is that, when everywhere else lets you do it, you ask? Because it's not YOUR CARD. Owner of the card has to present. I don't care if the teen dress shop will take it, I'm not going to. Oh, so you have your own card? Cool. Mommy will pay you back for it, I'm sure. Of course all the other places probably ran it through as a debit so you had to enter a pin number. We don't do that here, they want to charge us more for debit so thus we will always run it as credit.

And one phone call pretty much cinches why we will be closing at the end of the lease. Woman wants to know if we have adult jazz pants. I say yes and ask what size. She says she ordered child large online and when it came it was too small and she needs the pants today. SOOOO...she knew we were here and chose to buy them online, and only comes here because she needs it now. Well, BITCH, in another...five months you're gonna be shit out of luck. Have fun going into Portland in rush hour traffic! Unless things turn around we are shutting down. It's become real sad that we get excited about making $300 in a day. After ten years we should be doing well instead of just hanging in there and needing the money from sister's outside projects to keep things going. Sister added up her invoices from last year and came up with over $50k gross. In comparison the store sold $55k before taxes, and probably had to pay at least $22k to purchase the product.
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(no subject) [May. 19th, 2016|06:36 pm]
Finished up Uncharted 4. Hmm, not sure if I'll do a replay of it, if I don't then there's nothing appealing about it until they decide to finally add on the co-op adventure mode. I did a run of Plunder but like the other versions, it seems like the people on my team are more interested in killing the opposing players rather than moving the idol.

Though I keep swearing I will never buy anything again from Gamestop, I slunk in there to pick up The Witcher: Wild Hunt for $29.95. It was the same price on Amazon and for the hell of it I checked Gamestop to find it was the same price and I could pick it up in store. SCORE! Haven't done a lot with it yet but the graphics are really good so far and Geralt is quite the hunk. From what I've heard other gamers say, you can get a lot of hours out of this one and they've done DLCs for it as well to extend the life of the game.

Uncharted 4 was a satisfying end to the Nathan Drake saga. I'd give it...8 out of 10.

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(no subject) [May. 18th, 2016|01:37 pm]
Body Wrappers is staffed by some of the STOOPIDEST PEOPLE EVAR.

Latest thing? Sending the wrong color of body tights. Not terribly stupid, you say? Well, when you compound it with the fact that the PACKING LIST had the right color and the person CIRCLED the number and color after it was pulled, yes, indeed, they are STOOPID.

Plus a rep called today to say the credit card number didn't go through. A credit card number that WAS NOT ON THE FUCKING ORDER FORM. A credit card we might have used once, but haven't since, but they seem to have that in permanent memory rather than the business debit card we use regularly.

I guess they needed to balance out one rep actually CALLING to tell us stuff was out of stock. This is really especially annoying because I called in the order rather than faxing it, so I could be sure they had the stuff in stock.

And I know my niece wasn't a saint as a little kid but she sure didn't get away with all the shit little kids do in the shop. Like the mom letting her little one wander around moving stuff around at whim, half-heartedly asking her to come stand by mommy. Cute factor is zeroed out real quick.

This is my punishment for saying to sister we should wait til back to school season before making any decisions on shutting down when the lease runs out.
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(no subject) [May. 5th, 2016|02:33 pm]
Rhetorical question here...why are men so STOOPID?

Local guy sister deals with on a regular basis asks if she can make a certain item for him. As sister's emailer, I ask him to clarify which style he wants, as there are several different things considered to be cheerleader briefs. He doesn't respond. I email again, not as a reply, and once again attach images showing different types of briefs. His response? Pretty much asking the original question again rather than addressing the FUCKING IMAGES I SENT HIM.

Then there's the guy in a new group who has yet to pay for his custom stuff. 2 weeks after sister did a rush job to get it done for them, while suffering a migraine. And still hemming and hawing over who has the check and who will bring it.

Oh, and apparently the Capezio rep is a MONKEY. I ordered tights in an email, messed up the code but put the right description in it, and rather than taking a moment to go HMMM the description doesn't match the stock number, the monkey just enters it in and goes on her merry monkey way. Why can't I work for these companies??? I'd have looked at it and saw the description didn't match stock number and would have contacted the person to make sure which she wanted, footless or convertible pink tights.

Speaking of STOOPID, REPUBLICANS...are you REALLY REALLY going to choose that buffoon Trump as your candidate? Mr Put up a Wall between us and Mexico? Mr I'll make Apple build their stuff here because none of my companies have ever gone overseas to get cheap labor? Mr let's force people out of the rent control building so I can make billions off condos? Why are you STOOPID WHITE PEOPLE falling for his shit?
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(no subject) [Mar. 23rd, 2016|06:57 am]
So after begging a couple times on Reddit, I finally got a guest pass to Black Desert Online. Download it then sign in and...big ass download requiring hours to finish. SIGH. Turn on the PS4 to play The Division instead...which required updating due to the latest patch being released that day. Did I sign on in the morning to get the download done? NOPE. So no game to play last night lol. And this morning Black Desert is undergoing a maintenance until about 9am so no quick peak at it before going to do my daily walk thing.

Car got fixed by auto shop rather than brother in law due to his concern that he wouldn't be able to do the timing belt right, which could potentially damage engine. Sister wouldn't tell me how much but I'm guessing it was around $500. Did several things to it and now it doesn't overheat anymore but makes this annoying squealing when I first start it up and turn the steering wheel. Didn't do that before. SIGH.

Like The Division. Took about a week and a half to finish the main missions and get to the level cap of 30. Now to collect the various media things to explore the story more. Good thing about it is they're planning to add stuff to it on a regular basis to increase its longevity. Until first expansion will be doing the daily missions and exploring the Dark Zone, which is not quite as stressful as it was in the beta. In the beta you were far more likely to get ganked by other players at the extraction spot. Haven't had that happen to me in the full version but haven't played in it a lot yet. Only problem I've had with the extraction point is the mobs popping up just as it's time to send items up to the helicopter. One thing I've learned is when it's time to do main missions you should queue up to draw other players in and get it done faster. Spent a couple hours one night struggling through a mission solo that I could have done in about 15-20 minutes with a group. Idjit me.

Second season of Daredevil popped. Rationed it and managed to draw it out over the weekend. Liked Elektra. Punisher was okay. It's best to go into these shows without a preconception of what the characters are. My only exposure to Elektra was the Jennifer Garner movie which, hey, I did kinda like and don't think it's as awful as people say. Punisher also from two movies, the Dolph Lundgren one and the one with Thomas Jane. First thought as it ended was I'm ready for the next season now. Though they've got three other series to do first, four if you count the first one of Defenders. Luke Cage is next, Iron Fist has been recently cast and is on its way to production, and there might be a second season of Jessica Jones before the Defenders.
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(no subject) [Mar. 11th, 2016|05:13 pm]
Ditched the TV portion of Comcast and gone internet only. After the end of contract it was going up to $200 which is fucking ridiculous amount to pay, especially since brother seems to mostly DVR old reruns rather than anything current. And Hulu is pretty cheap to get network episodes next day after airing. Comcast rep tried to tell me I needed the max internet to stream, which was basically sales pitch they drum into their heads, as Google searches say you only need 25mbps or more if you have a lot of people streaming at the same time. I run Netflix, brother runs Hulu, and I download the current shows I want to watch.

Got The Division. Was set on getting it even before the beta and it's been...fun? LOL. Fun learning how to not do a boss fight. Not a lot of multiplayer done yet, though. The one guy I've played with in the past wasn't sure about buying it, though he did run around the beta and let me join his group. Can't believe people are already up to level 30, cripes, must have even less of a life than I do LOL. Of course I did waste a lot of time trying to do one mission over and over and over again and then just as I had a shot at finishing up the last boss, the servers shut down for maintenance. SIGH. It's serving to wean me away from The Old Republic at least. They did release a new "chapter" but each one seems to be getting shorter and I realize I spend more time running around earning credits than anything story wise, only so I can buy pretty stuff. So time to cut the cord.

And on the day I got The Division the car conked out on me. Target didn't have it so I went to Fred Meyer and the stupid heat gauge started going up, then it wouldn't start after I came back out. Time for the fun What is Wrong with the Car? game! And the funniest bit? Brother in law went into Portland to get a part for it and his car died. The car he's been having battery trouble with for months, apparently.

Watching House of Cards.

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(no subject) [Feb. 25th, 2016|03:11 pm]
No, YOU CHEAP BITCH, you DO NOT get a "teacher's discount" off the $5 clearance necklace. The constant clamoring for "studio discounts" means we are marking stuff up higher than the regular retail price to make up for it. My personal policy now is no discounts on the body tights because we are still selling them for $20 when the current retail price is $22. Believe me, when you go to sister for your new warmups, I'll encourage her to inflate the price.

Might be moving locations. The absolutely fucking DELUSIONAL management company all of a sudden tells us they got a "great deal" for us to help us get out of the lease. Yeah, a deal made not by those assholes, but fellow tenants asking about taking over the space and lease. When we emailed you fuckers about maybe finding someone to take over our lease, you primly responded it wasn't part of your job to find us a replacement. After all we were safely locked into a lease that you're not getting a bonus for, so why should you help us out? Customer service is only happening at the beginning. That's okay, you don't need any future extra business, do you?
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(no subject) [Feb. 21st, 2016|12:43 am]
Been playing sporadically on The Division beta.

It's hardly a Destiny clone. Destiny missions were limited and so you played them over and over to level up or get items. Just in the beta of The Division there's a lot more to do. Your base of operations needs to be built up plus there are missions to get support personnel to make it run more efficiently. And the major draw of course is the Dark Zone for its PVP element. The PVP comes into play only if you go "rogue" by killing another agent, which, hell, sometimes I've done because I wasn't paying attention, or the last guy shot me, so I figured the next one would too. In the Dark Zone the enemies are tougher and the potential for loot greater but though there is an extraction zone you can use to send your loot back to base, other players will sometimes wait there to take out others and steal their loot.

Graphically it's nice, got a lot of good details. One street I'm walking down, there's a dog squatting on the pavement to take a crap, kicking the ground with his back feet once he's done, as dogs are wont to do. Nice detail. The people you meet aren't always thrilled to meet you. It has a huge amount of potential if the developers add on periodic DLCs or even missions to continue it. Even after you take back a city, there's still so much work to do to truly recover it.

I'm probably going to buy it. The story has interested me and since I'm not constantly playing FPS I'm not likely to be looking at it as just another PVP shooter. The cooperative elements of doing story missions are what will sell me on it.
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(no subject) [Feb. 19th, 2016|12:40 pm]
Honey, it's not that cold outside that you need to come into my shop to have your rambling cell phone conversation. Oh, sure, make yourself comfortable on the bench while you give relationship advice. It's why the door is open, after all. At least you could go back to pretending that you came in to look at stuff, rather than using this as a shelter against the terrible elements. And, hey, rather than apologizing for sharing your personal call, maybe you could have just walked outside to finish your conversation first, huh? Even if we did have the size you wanted in the color you wanted, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have bought it anyways, you would have most likely said you'd be back at another time to get them and never come back.

Retail is annoying. My ninth grade self knew what she was about when she chose not dealing with people as the most important thing for a future job.
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