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(no subject) [May. 27th, 2015|02:11 pm]
Sister's female huskies had a dust up on Memorial Day.

M is the newer one and can be rambunctious, she's full grown but still has a lot of puppy in her, plus she likes to chase and play aggressively, just like the other one, N. N is a sweetie but a bit standoffish with M, though they'd been getting along pretty good. She has a thing, though, that if she's playing with another dog, which was mainly the male husky, C, and she gets hurt, even mildly, she will want to pay it back in SPADES lol. Apparently M was running at N and might have bumped into her or something, I'm not entirely clear on it, but Sister could tell by looking at N that something had changed and shit was gonna go DOWN, she just didn't process it quick enough to cut it off before it started. N was doing most of the damage and M ended up with an injury to her ear, leaving a little notch, and an injury to her eye, doing something to one of her inner eyelids and leaving her looking like a boxer who'd taken a hit to the face. Needless to say, there will be some segregation going on again for a while.

While the fight was going on, Sister was trying to pull them apart, realizing too late she should have used the hose from the start. Huskies are pullers so of course it didn't work and she ended up suffering some scrapes herself from falling on bricks while trying to drag them apart. And while this is going on, she's calling for help and NONE OF HER NEIGHBORS respond, not even the woman walking her dog. NICE TO KNOW she could be getting murdered and no one would do a thing. After pulling off their collars in her attempt to get them apart she eventually turned to the hose and that did the trick. Thankfully the male husky, C, didn't get involved, just hung back. While N holds a grudge, apparently M doesn't, for she was whining at N in her crate, ready to be friends again, while N is still grumbly. A pity, 'cause the two of them were getting along well, N just tends to be skittish.

So Sister knows to use hose if it happens again and that if someone in her neighborhood is screaming for help, just put on headphones and ignore it like she was ignored. It's different if you're not friendly with your neighbors, she's not friendly with all of them but the one next to them, her husband is friendly with, and she knows the people well enough. 
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(no subject) [May. 21st, 2015|03:50 pm]
SO FUCKING TIRED of people using the Oregon ID to get tax exemption when they fucking live here in WA. Like the bitch who just left not long ago and got into a car with WA plates and drove away. Looked her up in the system and last time she bought stuff was last September still using her Oregon ID. It's a common scam with people to use their place of work in Oregon to get ID so they can skip out on sales tax. Sales tax that pays for the schools their kids go to. To maintain the roads they drive on. Congrats, bitch, you saved a whole $3, hope Starbucks fucks up your latte order!
Oh, yeah, you could say, well, at least she shops local, right? While pretending for tax purposes to not be local.

A year and about five months or so until the lease ends. Then these people who are "SOOO GLAD" we're here, and hardly support us, can go fuck off to Portland. We get hardly any support from the studios and some of the studios actively order stuff online for their students, bypassing us all together. And they got no qualms at all about coming to us to ask to put up posters advertising their studio events. This has been about a decade long lesson in WHY there was no dance store in town before we opened. People will order stuff online, the studios will order stuff for them. Plus we never had the money we really needed to get it running and keep falling into debt every year. I've done a few applications but so far not seeing a lot on Craigslist. 
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(no subject) [May. 4th, 2015|03:35 pm]
New planet to explore on Old Republic today, along with a thing called Outfit Designer, which should really be called Outfit Closet. The only design thing about it is the ability to put together an outfit from things you've had drop or bought and store it. You still have to pay a fee to switch your mods over. I guess I shouldn't have expected the ability to really design an outfit, because then how could they get money out of you? Signed on only to take a quick look at it and use some ill gotten cartel coins. Was expecting to see another special hypercrate pack but instead they're selling off single packs for 1000 cartel coins. PRICY considering they each only seem to have 4 items. But the first one I opened up had a full set of two different gear so that was certainly not a waste.

And today is the return of 12x xp, which will continue until the fall. Took a character from level 5 to level 15 in a bit over an hour. NO MORE SIDE MISSIONS YAY. And this will help for generating more cartel coins from just playing. New series of packs has been released as well. LEAVE THAT CREDIT CARD IN THE WALLET.

Got pizza after the Avengers movie. I think Leonardo's is now my new favorite though I'll still go to Round Table because I can get a good pizza for $15.

Avengers! Showed up about 40 minutes find a completely empty theater. It never did fill completely up and most people showed up fifteen minutes early. Ah, well, got the seats we wanted. But WHAT THE FUCK...NO STAR WARS TRAILER??? Who gives a fuck about Batman vs Superman or Adam Sandler's latest lame ass movie.

Avengers: Age of Ultron spoilers...Collapse )
Other than declaring it "okay", only thing I have to say about it is...WHERE WAS THE FUCKING STAR WARS TRAILER??? 
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(no subject) [Apr. 23rd, 2015|11:34 am]
So I was trying for a happy happy joy joy morning and first customer of the door shits on it by wanting to do a return, for which she had no receipt, OF COURSE. I sold her the damn thing, not really eagerly, as she was wanting nude footundeez without stones and thought she could pick off all the stones on the one we had. And OF COURSE the teacher told her it would take too long to do and here she comes to return it. Well, at least she bought a costume? SIGHHHHHHHHH.

It's been REAL SLOW. Most days lucky to break $100 in sales. And with my luck the lady who bought jazz shoes yesterday, unsure if they'd fit her kid, will return those too.

And the idiots who ordered specialty jackets from sister waited until LAST NIGHT  to tell her, oh, we need another one in the size you of course did not make extra of, TEE HEE. Someone really needs to stop putting the stupid pills in the water. 
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(no subject) [Apr. 14th, 2015|12:10 am]
Game of Thrones' first four episodes of the season have leaked online so downloaded all four. And it is BORING. I watched the first two and suffered through a bunch of talky-talk with characters I have very little interest in, the only interesting part so far being the appearance of the dragons. Dany really needs to watch a few eps of The Dog Whisperer to learn how to control her dragon babies. This is starting to catch up with the books and then veer off as the latest book in the series is still in the works.

On the opposite of the scale, the Daredevil TV series brought its A-game, and everyone else's game to boot. Agents of Shield, you too are boring in comparison. Maybe it too needs to shorten down to 13 episodes so that the storyline will be tighter and not a bunch of filler episodes no one really cares about, unless it heavily features May or Bobbi kicking ass.

My Daredevil exposure is limited to scenes from the movie and whatever crossover stuff they did down the line. Which was probably Spiderman as he also seemed to go toe-to-toe with Kingpin. I had no exposure to the lead actor either so had no preconceived notions of what he could do. He did GREAT. And the second episode really serves to hook you in, especially the hallway fight scene. Greatly choreographed and apparently done all in one long shot. Only bad thing about it, other than some stuff dragging a bit, was it being over and me wanting MORE NOW. But gotta wait for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage and there will also be IRON FIST and then they will all band together in The Defenders. How cool is THAT? I loved Powerman and Iron Fist. 
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(no subject) [Apr. 10th, 2015|06:01 pm]
Daredevil has appeared for streaming on Netflix and it is GOOD. I really like it! I have zero knowledge of the character, other than the obvious bit about being blind and having some kinda super senses that allow him to fight and stuff. Only time I saw him in a comic book was when he happened to crossover with X-Men or Spiderman. Didn't see the Ben Affleck movie though I have seen the Elektra movie a few times. The fight scenes are interesting for how down and dirty they are. Lots of martial arts type of moves but also slugging it out til they're bloody and exhausted and ready to drop. Not only does the lead actor look good with his shirt off, to my mind he does good with the character.

And Vincent D'Onofrio is not exactly shabby himself. He plays Kingpin as shy and a bit awkward around the woman he likes, and then flies into a homicidal rage when their dinner date is interrupted. He incorporates some of his Goren personna into the character, with the Goren mannerisms and subdued personality.

Got through episode 4 and stopped, as much as I'm enjoying it I don't want to see it end too soon because then I'll be wanting to know WHEN the second season starts. Thankfully it has 13 episodes so I will save the rest for later. NO READING episode descriptions either as they contain SPOILERS.

Agents of Shield, you could learn a lot from this show. They make the most of their environment to give the show a gritty, lived in feel. Hell, even Agent Carter did a much, much better job of taking a movie lot set and making the most of it. I'm kinda excited now to see how they do with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.
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(no subject) [Mar. 23rd, 2015|03:11 pm]
Finished up Battlefield: Hardline this morning.

Spoilers for end of Battlefield: HardlineCollapse )
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(no subject) [Mar. 20th, 2015|04:46 pm]
Bounty hunter week and decided to take my Trooper through a hunt just for the hell of it. She had  no real trouble with it, other than me screwing up the first time. In comparison I took my Sith through it and he failed miserably. Well, I failed miserably. Even though he's got better gear than the Trooper, he died twice and the third time only succeeded because someone was in the area to help out. Moral of the story is don't put two melee characters together in the fight, have one be ranged. Next month they're bringing out another expansion but I am not sure if it's something I get for free as a sub or I have to pay for it. They're also bringing out a character designer but my brief glimpse of it leads me to believe it's not going to be what I was wanting or hoping for. Hard to say until I actually see it.

Rented Battlefield: Hardline.

Am liking it for the most part though some bits are annoying. Like surviving a couple Molotov cocktails burning me but dying when I'm hit by a gas grenade. When it's making you go into the water to tag a bundle of drugs, you KNOW there's gonna be a gator popping up. YOU IS MEAN, Khai, for making me go into the water to tag that one. And for making me drive so much. I'm trying to sneak around and knock out or arrest the people rather than engage in a gunfight for my guns suck. The sniper rifle doesn't do instant kill head shot, to my extreme disappointment. Why else have a sniper rifle if you can't take them down with one head shot? The handheld automatic machine gun is screwy or maybe just accurate in the way it kicks up as you're firing. After using the pistol for a while, I'm kinda understanding why cops empty their clip when they're shooting. I aim for the legs to take them down. Shotgun is the best so far. And it is REALLY HARD to shoot with one hand while the other hand is occupied applying pressure to Khai's shoulder wound.

The story is interesting, cops and robbers rather than military squad doing ops. I'd buy the game if the makers would do dlc with more cases to do but this is Battlefield, any dlc will be maps for the multiplayer because that is their main audience. Some people do buy it for the single player. Not many but some. 
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(no subject) [Mar. 11th, 2015|12:02 pm]
No, you daft woman, we have never had 30% off on Tuesdays. We have TEN PERCENT off. YES, I will give you the 10% off, out of pity for your job loss and your daughter going on her period and feeling all awkward and uncomfortable and you buy stuff here all the time and I should remember you because you always have Oregon ID so you can skip paying out tax, even though most likely you do not live in Oregon. I already TOLD you I'd give you that all important 10% off, you can stop it with the assurances that you buy stuff from us "all the time" and you wouldn't ask, except YOU DID ASK, because 10%! Which might be a whole $2 to put in your gas tank to take you back to whatever part of Vancouver you came from, and not Oregon.

And, YOU, why do you take stuff into dressing room you have no intention of making your daughter try on? Then leave it on the dressing room. It wasn't a lot but I don't see the point in pulling it off the rack if you're not going to try it on.

I'd say I want a job where I can beat sense into people but these people would be dead before the sense ever got into them. 
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(no subject) [Mar. 9th, 2015|02:41 pm]
Got the Trooper through to end of chapter 3. Trooper beats Imperial Agent in having the easiest end boss fight. Oh, hell, easy boss fights all together. This time I tried to follow someone's suggestion to do flashpoints and heroic missions rather than side quests. My goal was to hit 50 before going to Corellia. I made it past 49 and half way to 50 when I decided to go for it, I'd hit 50 before the end. And I did.

I went with buying adaptive armor for both her and Jorgan and then using commendations to buy mods to upgrade as I went along. Put her in a Revealing Bodysuit outfit with the jacket and pants dyed purple. LOVELY. It shows some skin without being tasteless. As she progressed, I kept up with the Armstech crew skill and surpassed her current level as far as gear goes. By keeping Jorgan around and going on a companion quest I got him to marry her. Romance option is basically a couple awkward smoochies. Not Dragon Age, after all! And he's a forward thinking guy who proposes adopting rugrats, and not expecting her to have them.

Storyline was okay. Should have drawn out the renegade squad plot longer, rather than ending it about a third through and making the rest of it about the war. But then again it is a Trooper storyline and troopers are all front lines so...makes sense. And also makes sense for the Republic to decide they'll completely negate Trooper's final victory by negotiating. A victory that was really really easy lol. And encourages me to go back and do again the ones I had trouble with, but to be properly geared this time.

Am turning now to the Sith smuggler I created to replace my original smuggler. I had so much trouble with smuggler first time around, I didn't understand how to gear her or what stats to work for. YES YES I am one of those level 60s who doesn't know how to play their character "properly", FUCK OFF. We are not all sprung from the MMO womb fully leveled and geared. Using the same adaptive armor strategy with the smuggler. Got one piece from a guild member but am still on the lookout for something to fit the Sith's style.

Guild mate was complaining about losing people, that they're not playing it as much. Which might be true for the one guild as it will list 160 members but at best I will see a dozen members online at the same time. The guild I joined on another server, they have had over 20 on at same time. I want to start my own guild, I have a name for it too. Just a matter of finding others to help me get it started as you need a certain number of founding members to get started.
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