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(no subject) [Mar. 23rd, 2016|06:57 am]
So after begging a couple times on Reddit, I finally got a guest pass to Black Desert Online. Download it then sign in and...big ass download requiring hours to finish. SIGH. Turn on the PS4 to play The Division instead...which required updating due to the latest patch being released that day. Did I sign on in the morning to get the download done? NOPE. So no game to play last night lol. And this morning Black Desert is undergoing a maintenance until about 9am so no quick peak at it before going to do my daily walk thing.

Car got fixed by auto shop rather than brother in law due to his concern that he wouldn't be able to do the timing belt right, which could potentially damage engine. Sister wouldn't tell me how much but I'm guessing it was around $500. Did several things to it and now it doesn't overheat anymore but makes this annoying squealing when I first start it up and turn the steering wheel. Didn't do that before. SIGH.

Like The Division. Took about a week and a half to finish the main missions and get to the level cap of 30. Now to collect the various media things to explore the story more. Good thing about it is they're planning to add stuff to it on a regular basis to increase its longevity. Until first expansion will be doing the daily missions and exploring the Dark Zone, which is not quite as stressful as it was in the beta. In the beta you were far more likely to get ganked by other players at the extraction spot. Haven't had that happen to me in the full version but haven't played in it a lot yet. Only problem I've had with the extraction point is the mobs popping up just as it's time to send items up to the helicopter. One thing I've learned is when it's time to do main missions you should queue up to draw other players in and get it done faster. Spent a couple hours one night struggling through a mission solo that I could have done in about 15-20 minutes with a group. Idjit me.

Second season of Daredevil popped. Rationed it and managed to draw it out over the weekend. Liked Elektra. Punisher was okay. It's best to go into these shows without a preconception of what the characters are. My only exposure to Elektra was the Jennifer Garner movie which, hey, I did kinda like and don't think it's as awful as people say. Punisher also from two movies, the Dolph Lundgren one and the one with Thomas Jane. First thought as it ended was I'm ready for the next season now. Though they've got three other series to do first, four if you count the first one of Defenders. Luke Cage is next, Iron Fist has been recently cast and is on its way to production, and there might be a second season of Jessica Jones before the Defenders.
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(no subject) [Mar. 11th, 2016|05:13 pm]
Ditched the TV portion of Comcast and gone internet only. After the end of contract it was going up to $200 which is fucking ridiculous amount to pay, especially since brother seems to mostly DVR old reruns rather than anything current. And Hulu is pretty cheap to get network episodes next day after airing. Comcast rep tried to tell me I needed the max internet to stream, which was basically sales pitch they drum into their heads, as Google searches say you only need 25mbps or more if you have a lot of people streaming at the same time. I run Netflix, brother runs Hulu, and I download the current shows I want to watch.

Got The Division. Was set on getting it even before the beta and it's been...fun? LOL. Fun learning how to not do a boss fight. Not a lot of multiplayer done yet, though. The one guy I've played with in the past wasn't sure about buying it, though he did run around the beta and let me join his group. Can't believe people are already up to level 30, cripes, must have even less of a life than I do LOL. Of course I did waste a lot of time trying to do one mission over and over and over again and then just as I had a shot at finishing up the last boss, the servers shut down for maintenance. SIGH. It's serving to wean me away from The Old Republic at least. They did release a new "chapter" but each one seems to be getting shorter and I realize I spend more time running around earning credits than anything story wise, only so I can buy pretty stuff. So time to cut the cord.

And on the day I got The Division the car conked out on me. Target didn't have it so I went to Fred Meyer and the stupid heat gauge started going up, then it wouldn't start after I came back out. Time for the fun What is Wrong with the Car? game! And the funniest bit? Brother in law went into Portland to get a part for it and his car died. The car he's been having battery trouble with for months, apparently.

Watching House of Cards.

House of Cards spoilers...Collapse )
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(no subject) [Feb. 25th, 2016|03:11 pm]
No, YOU CHEAP BITCH, you DO NOT get a "teacher's discount" off the $5 clearance necklace. The constant clamoring for "studio discounts" means we are marking stuff up higher than the regular retail price to make up for it. My personal policy now is no discounts on the body tights because we are still selling them for $20 when the current retail price is $22. Believe me, when you go to sister for your new warmups, I'll encourage her to inflate the price.

Might be moving locations. The absolutely fucking DELUSIONAL management company all of a sudden tells us they got a "great deal" for us to help us get out of the lease. Yeah, a deal made not by those assholes, but fellow tenants asking about taking over the space and lease. When we emailed you fuckers about maybe finding someone to take over our lease, you primly responded it wasn't part of your job to find us a replacement. After all we were safely locked into a lease that you're not getting a bonus for, so why should you help us out? Customer service is only happening at the beginning. That's okay, you don't need any future extra business, do you?
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(no subject) [Feb. 21st, 2016|12:43 am]
Been playing sporadically on The Division beta.

It's hardly a Destiny clone. Destiny missions were limited and so you played them over and over to level up or get items. Just in the beta of The Division there's a lot more to do. Your base of operations needs to be built up plus there are missions to get support personnel to make it run more efficiently. And the major draw of course is the Dark Zone for its PVP element. The PVP comes into play only if you go "rogue" by killing another agent, which, hell, sometimes I've done because I wasn't paying attention, or the last guy shot me, so I figured the next one would too. In the Dark Zone the enemies are tougher and the potential for loot greater but though there is an extraction zone you can use to send your loot back to base, other players will sometimes wait there to take out others and steal their loot.

Graphically it's nice, got a lot of good details. One street I'm walking down, there's a dog squatting on the pavement to take a crap, kicking the ground with his back feet once he's done, as dogs are wont to do. Nice detail. The people you meet aren't always thrilled to meet you. It has a huge amount of potential if the developers add on periodic DLCs or even missions to continue it. Even after you take back a city, there's still so much work to do to truly recover it.

I'm probably going to buy it. The story has interested me and since I'm not constantly playing FPS I'm not likely to be looking at it as just another PVP shooter. The cooperative elements of doing story missions are what will sell me on it.
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(no subject) [Feb. 19th, 2016|12:40 pm]
Honey, it's not that cold outside that you need to come into my shop to have your rambling cell phone conversation. Oh, sure, make yourself comfortable on the bench while you give relationship advice. It's why the door is open, after all. At least you could go back to pretending that you came in to look at stuff, rather than using this as a shelter against the terrible elements. And, hey, rather than apologizing for sharing your personal call, maybe you could have just walked outside to finish your conversation first, huh? Even if we did have the size you wanted in the color you wanted, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have bought it anyways, you would have most likely said you'd be back at another time to get them and never come back.

Retail is annoying. My ninth grade self knew what she was about when she chose not dealing with people as the most important thing for a future job.
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(no subject) [Feb. 18th, 2016|01:51 pm]
Gotta love customers. Or more like LOATHE them.

Woman comes in. Talks a bunch of random crap and says she tells people to come here, hopes we stick it out. I tell her business has been slow and we might not be sticking it out a lot longer due to the studios cutting us out of the loop by ordering stuff online. She expresses a TINY bit of sympathy and then says tell me and I'll come for your half off sale. I say, OF COURSE YOU WILL.

You know what? Imma write your name down and tell my sister, when we close, everyone gets half off but HER.

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(no subject) [Feb. 17th, 2016|12:52 pm]
Had a sleepover last Saturday.

Sister does transports for a rescue and on occasion they'll ask her to take a dog for the night. Of course I had to go over to see the arrival, a really sweet blue eyed Husky boy. Plan was for him to stay at her house but the difficult part was trying to integrate him. Her more neurotic Husky went kinda nuts, making all sorts of horrific noise, and the poor boy was also not happy about being confined to a crate, so he was making noise as well. For the sake of peace, both with dogs and hubby who had early work the next day, I offered to take him home. Presented it to brother as something that was going to happen and kept him in my room.

He was a DOLL. Only time he fussed was when I was eating ice cream, he seemed to think he should be having some too. He made niece melt with his constant offering of a paw to be shaken. He gave kisses and seemed to like hugs and affection. Sniffed around stuff but didn't really disturb anything. He pulled when I took him for walks but I haven't done it enough to know how to keep him in control so I just went with it. And laid down on the floor to sleep with a fuss. He was pretty much the perfect intro Husky, easy going, affectionate, and seemed low maintenance, plus really adaptable. He wasn't shy at all with any of us. He will make someone a really good dog and of course I wish a bit I was that someone lol. He's been bounced around a couple different homes and yet doesn't really seem affected by it.

And now Sister has the plague from her idiot husband, who's been wandering around the house coughing up a storm for several days. Flu and everything. SIGH. Just at a time when she's got a bunch of work to get done, of course. Well, it's gonna have to wait a couple days for her to recover.

Saw Deadpool over the weekend. Liked it, it was funny, and I'd definitely get it on DVD. Only problem is that the promos have given away some of the fun bits so by the time I got to see the whole thing, they weren't quite as funny, since I'd already seen them over and over lol. I was pretty sure Ryan Reynolds would do a much better job at this than he did with Green Lantern, since Deadpool seems to fit his personality better.
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(no subject) [Feb. 12th, 2016|05:10 pm]
Cheapass annoying as fuck customers.

Cheapass brings in a couple pair of tights she wants to exchange. One of them is a tight we haven't had in the store for probably a year, if not longer. It was a Capezio one and we haven't bought Capezio tights in at least a year due to our account being locked and not being able to get them. Besides which, black is not a color we re-order much, mainly tan and pink. Cheapass says, if you won't take them back I'll just get rid of them, but Cheapass wouldn't have bothered to come here with them if Cheapass wasn't expecting to be able to exchange them, right? So I agree to exchange them, because we certainly can't have any whiners complaining to their friends about us not taking back year old tights. Cheapass was nice about it but it put me in a mood because I felt obligated to do an exchange for something she'd probably stashed in a drawer for a year or so before deciding to do an exchange because kid had outgrown them.

Cheapass dithers around. Needs to have styles of tights explained to her. Finds skating tights. Asks if we have anymore. I tell her no, because the skaters have stopped coming so we stopped ordering skating tights. We have to spend money on stuff that sells, not stuff that sits around. Like the damn harem pants. We did buy some more skating tights but still have a bunch of Mondor ones going untouched. She can't seem to find anything else so I cave and offer her a gift certificate. AFTER I've written out the gift certificate she decides she wants to get hair pins and chirps, see, I knew I could find something extra to buy! AFTER I WASTED A GIFT CERTIFICATE. STUPID COW.

I am so very not cut out for retail anymore. And there's really not anything else I can do so I am FUCKED. I do kinda think though if it was somewhere else it'd be different. If it's not a semi family business then you're not as invested in it.
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(no subject) [Jan. 27th, 2016|04:41 pm]
Gave a lady 50% off on a pair of vegan ballet slippers because I was feeling generous and we want to get rid of them anyways. She adds a skirt in a separate purchase and asks to get 10% off.

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(no subject) [Jan. 26th, 2016|01:25 pm]
So I get a notice telling me benefits will end because they never got a Work Stop notice from the fucking place I worked ONE DAY. I called them over a week ago asking for them to send it in, the lady claimed they'd have to contact the previous owner to get them to send it in. They never sent it in. I get letter, have a tizzy, and went this morning to get the notice from them.

Do you have the paper for us to fill out? asks the ditz who claimed it would be taken care of last week.

I tell her no, but can't she just download it off their website?

She makes some kind of attempt, I don't know how much of it she actually did other than opening Google, and goes to talk to other lady, who doesn't have the form either but says if they email her she'll send it in. YEAH, like you did last time? FUCK YOU. She also claimed, and wrote on the paper, that a check was mailed out. I never got a check but WHATEVER. I made a point of checking the mail for it too. So I go off to the DSHS office and find an empty parking lot which of course means they've moved, because the parking lot is NEVER empty, no matter what day of the month it is, unless of course it's a weekend. Call sister to have her check to see where it is and head off there to get form. She finds it on the web site and prints it out for me but I was driving and didn't answer the phone and was there by then anyways. SHE DOWNLOADED IT. FROM THE WEB SITE. Which those CUNTS in the office could have done just as well, for I'm sure they have internet access. The girl at the DSHS counter promptly gave me a form and a satisfying display of disbelief and eyerolling when I tell her I had to file it just from one day of work and the employer never sent it in of their own accord.

And the other thing that pisses me off about this??? All of a sudden the bitches in the office can fill it out after all, CONTRARY to what the one bitch told me over the phone. Plus they decided to make a copy of the paper I had for their own convenience. A FORM they could have downloaded and printed out. A form I spent half an hour driving to get.


I go to Office Maxx. The one person in charge of the copy and fax section is slowly helping someone print out a catalog or some shit. The copy machine does not produce a copy though it's more than happy to give me a report saying how many copies it didn't copy. I ask at the counter where I can fax and the girl points at the other end and the girl who's not paying attention to anything but the oh so slow printing she's helping with. Walmart Marketplace will cash your check and help you pay your bills but does not have a fax machine. So I fax it from the shop and will go to Fred Meyer after work to fax it again and make a copy of it to mail in, because I am becoming real anal about making sure the DSHS gets multiple copies of a document just in case one fails to get filed.

FUCK YOU, FORT VANCOUVER CONVALESCENT CENTER. You were pretty fucking prompt on snagging a tax credit and failed completely at not only giving me a check for my one day, you also failed to notify DSHS that I was no longer employed.
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