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Got started on collecting Momokos, of course they're more expensive than Barbie but their clothes are SOOO MUCH BETTER and the first one I got came with mini Doc Marten looking boots. The boys in comparison run even more expensive, to get them with a styled outfit they run about $100 more than Momoko, I ended up getting these two for about the same price as you'd pay for a Momoko with a quality detailed outfit. And their damn feet are pretty fragile too.

Purple Hair's feet would go into Creatable World boots--the Mattel series offering a doll that can be a boy or a girl depending on what the child wants them to be--but when I tried to get them off, his foot popped off the peg and stayed inside the boot. Had to cut apart the new silver boots just to get his feet out. Not sure why he didn't get a pair of shoes when Red did. Chose Purple Hair because...well, purple hair! And wasn't really sure of him from the pics, thought I might end up selling him, but he looks better in person. Keeping Red is a no brainer, he's so PURDY.

And sometime in the next week or so I'll be getting the Ringdoll Ellis I ordered a year ago. Did a layaway plan via BJDivas with the idea that by the time I paid off the balance, the doll should come. Now I have to wait for USPS to stop teasing me and actually deliver. Initially tracking gave a delivery date of Monday the 18th but it was still in Wisconsin so obviously it was not arriving to me on Monday. Now they're figuring out when it will show up. Sigh.

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Haven't posted to here in a long time, kinda went over to Tumblr and Facebook. Livejournal, why you wait 8 months to send me a notification that someone liked my last post??? LOL.

So there's been a lot of working with two jobs running back to back, a stupid virus, and an election that took longer to settle who won than any election I remember previously. While I was not 100% on Biden, because I'd really like something else than old white men running the country, I voted for him. Because, hey, if he kicks it in office, we get a woman president! Which is, y'know, mean but honest. And better than the blowhard we've had for four years.

Taking a break from the other job for the holiday season and A's increased hours. Our facility is not the slave driving one people are constantly raving about, I can tell you that. Yeah, they're big on numbers and quota but the lower management people, the ones out on the floor, will tell you if you stay above the bottom percentile, you're good. They offer free testing on site and are constantly cleaning plus encouraging social distancing and even have people whose sole job is to go around and chide people for walking the wrong way or they're too close together, pull that mask up over your nose!

Between the two jobs I got more money in my bank account than I've ever had before, because when you work overnight 7 days a week, all you wanna do is sleep, so there's not a lot of superfluous shopping getting done. Enough money in the account to pay off the Jeep but the payment has gone from $190 down to $150 so it doesn't really make a big bite out of the paychecks so am continuing to make payments and growing the nest egg.

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Well, I had the Jeep Renegade not quite two weeks before a box truck driver backed into her and wrecked the front passenger door, smashing all the glass to boot and leaving the side view mirror hanging by a cord. Could not fucking believe it. Just blissfully driving along through the Walmart parking lot, looking for a spot to part where I won't too close to someone that might bang their door into the car. All of a sudden there's a crunch and glass shattering and I am PISSED because I have not had her quite a full two weeks, and originally I was to go to the bank to get a money order for the water bill but decided to go to Walmart instead, because I wanted to see what they had in the way of tank tops.

Guy gets out, at first it seems like he doesn't have insurance and wants to just give me the name and number of his boss, and I'm all, YOU ARE NOT LEAVING UNTIL I GET INSURANCE PAPERS. I call non emergency number and the operator says that as long as he's there still and will give insurance info, the police will not come. First thing I did was take a pic of his license plate in case he did decide to leave, but he was kinda nice about it? Or maybe a little overwhelmed by the woman telling him he is NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE without providing insurance. He was talking to his boss in Russian and said something about the sun, so I assumed his excuse was the sun was in his eyes and he couldn't see well. Thankfully he wasn't really going fast so it was just the door.

I cried a little after he'd left because I hadn't even had my orangey girl for two weeks and look at her. I get with Progressive, they agree it was driver's fault, which really is the only decision to be made, as there's obvious white paint for his white truck on the door. Not like I zipped through the parking lot either, was going maybe 10 miles an hour. It takes them a couple days to come to this conclusion and they let me choose the local Jeep dealership for servicing. Can't get it an appointment till Wednesday of last week, and then it takes a couple days for the rep to go look at the car and accept the quote. And the end result is it won't be done till April 11th.

So I got a Hyundai Accent rental car to drive. Was going to stick with the old Toyota Rav4 but the Jeep spoiled me with the USB stereo and I really wanted something with that and good gas mileage. Accent's speaker system sounds cheap compared to Jeep and it has no rear window wipers. Has decent acceleration so there's that. Not sure how great the gas mileage is, though. The Accent though is on my list of models to not buy, not that I have a big list or the money to make use of it.

At least the Jeep should be done in time for Seattle trip. PNW BJD convention being held up there towards end of April so I can also visit the Daiso store.

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Am now a proud owner of a 2017 Jeep Renegade in Colorado Red, more orangey than red, so she's my orangey girl.

Was going to get a Honda Element, had $3500 saved up, but any of the Elements with acceptable mileage were going for about $7000 and at best 13 years old. Last year they made them was 2011 and even those were selling for almost as much as a Jeep Renegade. So sister convinced me to try for a loan through my credit union and then go to this one dealership where they had the 2017 for $14,888. Only been to a dealership once for a car and that process was PAINFUL so was kinda leery of doing it but they claimed I could get in and out within 45 minutes so I applied for the loan. They said my income to debt ratio looked good; it should look FUCKING GOOD, considering I'm working 7 days a week and clearing about $3000 a month. They told me I was cleared for $10,000 which even with the $3500 I had wouldn't be enough to cover cost of car and taxes and licensing. DANG.

There was also a listing on Craigslist for a 2017 Jeep Renegade for $14,900. The big bonus of it over the dealership one was that it only had 4000 miles, as opposed to 38000, and had been kept in a garage. The lady bought it for her son, who only used it to drive to school three miles away, and then whatever happened, happened, so the Jeep got garaged until she decided to sell it. She was willing to accept $14,000 for it and the bank was willing to increase the loan to $11,500 so I'd be able to get car as well as pay taxes on it and register it. And BINGO! within a week I had a newish car.

You know you've hit the car big time when the seats keep your butt warm. Heated seats and steering wheel lol. USB drive so I don't have to make CDs anymore that will skip or just not play at all. $190 a month payment which is just fine! For 6 years lol. Option to pay it off early without penalty. Better gas mileage than the Toyota and pretty much pristine. Haven't been able to test the viability of sleeping in it or really anything other than driving it from one job to the next lol. But she's comfy and roomy and ORANGEY, and I'm liking her a lot. She makes me smile to look at her when I walk out the door.

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Been working at the big A for four months now. The shine of it has worn off, there are days I find the work tedious, but the paycheck makes it less tedious. Between it and RMSI am clearing almost $3000 a month so it makes saving money a lot easier. With tax refund received I have $3300 to put toward a car and am seeking a loan with my credit union to see if I can get my dream Jeep Renegade. Of course it helps that when you work 7 days a week all over night shifts, all you think about is sleeping so there's not a lot of shopping being done lol.

Two main jobs I do is scanning and binning. Over holiday season did a few shifts doing gift wrap and was trained for a day on packing but haven't done packing since. I think it was mainly to get someone trained when they're desperate for people. Binning is pretty easy and a no brainer, push a button, light comes on, put item in that slot. Rinse and repeat. Scanning can be more problematic as the "sensitive" scanner is only really sensitive when you don't want it to be, like when you accidentally bring another item close to the tray containing an item you just scanned, and the machine has changed its designation so it will tell you the item is now overage, while the one speeding merrily along the line is no longer designated as the item it actually is. SIGH. Or it will make you scan a UPC code several times and all of a sudden decide the same fucking code you've scanned multiple times is now okay.

One of its problem has always been recognizing a new tote. The machine is all, yes, you have practically shoved that tote up my ass but I still don't see it, la la la. And a new thing it's been doing is flashing the message that the item is waiting for a tray. What do you think the fucking item is sitting in, a moat??? This is especially annoying when you're on a roll and you've just added in another item to the tray that doesn't belong there, because you expect the tray to have already gone on its way. Yes, they will tell you quality is a big part of it but they're also wanting certain numbers and there's the sense of competition with others to get a better number. One lady I work with, they will only let her do the binning because she was too slow on the scanning. Not realizing that she built up to the speed she has on binning and might have been able to do it with scanning too if they gave her a chance. I was counseled on my production number falling which happened during the holiday season and I was feeling in a funk so that did affect my performance. Haven't heard anything since other than that I'm doing a great job, so I guess I'm okay production number wise?

On Christmas Eve or rather the eve of Christmas Eve, they loaned some of us to the incoming department to scan in items and load them into the dreaded robot carts. NEVER AGAIN. Some of the items have a VERY SPECIFIC SPOT they can be into, and that spot will hold maybe two of them so to empty out the one carton of the items, you have to hit the button to cycle through carts in the hopes you can find a slot the robot cart will let you use. SIGHHHH. They want you to be able to load an item in 11 seconds, which you can't do if you've only got big things and they'll only fit in certain spots.

But I've found what could be the perfect shift, if I could get on to it. It's called the donut shift, you work Monday and Tuesday, have Wednesday off, work Thursday and Friday, with the weekend off. Only working TWO DAYS in a row! That'd be great! I could do stuff with family again! Would also have to give up RMSI and the extra $900 a month but I could also try a delivery service job if I get my Jeep.


Fed Ex Sucks

So the Ebay order of the Disney Designer Doll Jasmine arrived a couple days later, earlier than the projected date of the 24th. The GoPro order that was supposed to be 2 days? Has yet to show up. FedEx has SUPPOSEDLY made 4 delivery attempts, all before the shop opens. In the past they've had no fucking problem at all in leaving packages with one of the neighboring businesses. And by the website they also supposedly left a notification about not being able to deliver, which they did not fucking do. Called Fedex "customer service" and the guy says they can have it dropped off at a local Walgreens for pickup the next day.

Yeah, it wasn't ready for pickup. Online status didn't change at all. So ended up calling again the next day and they said it could be picked up at their Portland facility. So sister had to go there to pick up her Christmas present. SIGH.

Moral of the story? Don't order anything online that uses Fedex as the only shipping option.

Christmas Eve, I braved the mall to see Into the Spidey verse. Bought ticket, went downstairs to get checked in, they say it's upstairs, where the only person to check in tickets has a line of people buying tickets. So I just head back to the theater figuring if they come by to check I'll show them the ticket. Never did. Also ended up sitting in upstairs balcony with lounge chairs. Movie was good, really liked the animation style. Afterwards, went to sister's to have pizza and cheesy bread, watched Crazy Rich Asians, which the sister and niece seemed to enjoy. Hey, I liked it enough to buy it after keeping the rental a couple days. Will definitely see the sequel in the movie theater.

Woke up too early, sleep patterns are hard to keep consistent when you work overnights. Bought myself three books as Christmas presents to me, a cool looking guide to shopping in Tokyo I saw while doing rebin and volume 7 and 8 of the Target in the Viewfinder series. This week goes back to the regular 4 day work week so YAY for 3 days off! Until RMSI starts up again. Picked up an extra shift next week and OOPS RMSI scheduled me for it, so I emailed them to say I can't do it because I'm working "mandatory overtime". If I could be guaranteed to get an extra shift every week, I'd dump RMSI in a sec.

Merry Christmas, all! Having the yearly roast beef dinner with awesome sugar cookie cheesecake for dessert. That'll take my new 165 pound weight back up a bit lol. Been dying to check and finally did, thought I'd lost some more with all the work and the less eating.

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Procrastinated and didn't get the GoPro for sister's Xmas gift, until today, and HEYYYY it was back on sale again! So good thing I waited! LOL. Got her the Hero Silver, regularly $299.99, on sale for $229.99. Figured I'd get her the mid level one rather than the cheapest. Comes with a SD card and free 2 day shipping. For $5 a month you get cloud storage and free replacement if you break it, up to 2 times in a year. Next up is to get niece her Disney Designer Doll Jasmine. Best price seems to run about $200, which is almost twice the retail price but whatever.

So far been sticking with the 10 hour shifts rather than 12, which is fine by me. 20 hours of overtime is $500 which makes up the difference I'd get paid by RMSI. Tonight supposed to be back to 12 but previously they shifted to 10, saying there's not enough work. It's more like there's not enough packers to get the work done. Apparently they didn't hire a lot to begin with and some have quit down the line. Considering all other functions of the job are leading up to the end result of boxing the shit up and sending it out, you'd think they'd have assigned more people to the packing department. Oh, well. I got trained to do gift wrap singles which is basically shoving the item in a gift bag then putting it in a box. Nice break from other routine, though I swear that area is warmer than the others. Also got to look at other parts of the packing process and would like to try out the one where you're shoving things in envelopes.

Payday in a couple days and still have about $600 in the bank, woo hoo! Okay, not that much anymore after getting the GoPro but will still have $300 left over.

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Working for the big A has been interesting. Not so much last night, though.

Holiday season is on us and now the work week is 5 days, 12 hours each day. Got let off a half hour early on the Monday overnight shift as the machine transporting totes around the building broke down. And as soon as I got out into the parking lot, I got a notification that my mandatory overtime Wednesday shift was canceled. Sweet! More time for the sleeping! At first they had me scheduled to work Thanksgiving 11:30pm-5am but it went away and stayed away...until I decided to check it on Thanksgiving. Yeah, back on, and at the last minute as it didn't show up Wednesday when I was checking to make sure they didn't change their mind and schedule me after all.

GREAT. A Thanksgiving shift when I already knew I was headed for the killer sore throat cold. I figured I would have enough time to rest and recuperate from it but NOPE. So go in, feeling kinda grumpy with sore throat and occasionally runny nose. Two hours into the shift an alarm goes off. Everybody's looking at each other, wondering what that is, when the supervisors start calling for people to go downstairs and out into the parking lot to our designated meeting point so they can count heads. At first the chill is welcome after the heat in the building but it wears off quick. Smokers are all YEAH! extended smoke break! because smokers always carry a pack and a lighter with them. We're out there about 15 or 20 minutes before they give the go ahead to enter the building and congregate in the first floor break room. And sit there for another 20 or so minutes before we're allowed to go back upstairs and get back to work.

Don't know how well tonight's shift is going to go, when I was running the scanner at the same time someone else was, and it was taking its time sending the trays off. When you're standing there waiting, 30 seconds can be a long time, and you're certainly not going to get the items per hour rate they want you to have, when the system is taking its sweet time to shift a tray on. But at least am feeling better and stocked up on some Mike's Harder Lemonade, which is great for putting me to sleep. I'm such a light weight that one can will make me tipsy and sleepy, and I can't drink it too fast or it'll make my stomach hurt. Yeah, I don't make for a very good alcoholic. Also finally, belatedly, got some EmergenC and sister will get me some zinc. Haven't had any time to make it to the store, as I'm going to work overnight, come home, sleep, wake up, go to shop, go to the next shift, come home, sleep, start the cycle again. Put in a request to RMSI to be taken off schedule for December and the rest of this month as I'm now doing the 12 hours shifts 5 days a week and I'm needing those two days off rather than trying to fit in a shift for RMSI that I'm not going to want to do. They took me off schedule as requested, we'll see if they give me shifts in January. I'm getting close to wanting to break off with them, anyways.

Is the holiday season over yet? I'm ready for it to be over, already.

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Skipped a day at RMSI after they sent me to Kelso two days in a row and I ended up working 10.5 hours one day and then 11 the next. It felt GLORIOUS to have that extra day. Really shoulda bought Red Dead Redemption 2 then, rather than this morning after finishing up at Amazon. And shoulda installed the damn thing then as it is taking hour and a half to copy the data disc. SIGH.

Ready for Thanksgiving week and the time off from RMSI. I think we're working Thanksgiving at Amazon, not really sure. Headed into the mandatory overtime period and they say to check schedule but nothing shows and when I hit the actual schedule tab online, it takes me to a section for transferring and tells me I don't have enough points or whatever to do a transfer yet.

While it's being a bit tiring and have no time to do extra stuff, the paychecks will be good. I can pay on some more bills, give niece $300 to buy a fridge for her new house, and still stash $400 in savings account. I'll do it for a couple months, just so I can pay off some credit cards. And by then should be settled enough into it to be sure of a continual job and be able to think about getting a car.

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At the end of my first week at Amazon, as I'm stumbling out to the car on tired, tired legs, I am thinking, you are mental to think you can do this and RMSI as well.

Orientation was thankfully not the full eight hours, as it was quite boring. First day we wandered around a bit on a tour then did some work. I am on the outbound induct/re-bin group. Induct is taking stuff from a tote, scan it, drop each item into a separate tray, rinse and repeat. Re-bin is taking those items from a tray and then putting them in a shelf. Induct is MUCH EASIER, though you're just standing in one spot. Re-bin, you're picking up the item, hitting a button and looking at the shelf system for a light to tell you where to put it. Sometimes you get lucky and it's right next to where you're standing, other times you're walking several steps to get there. First day I did both and got abandoned by the chipper young girl who kept telling me I was doing great, to be picked up by first one guy who shows me I'm only at 34% and need to be 75%. Then shifted to another guy who stands by me watching me to give me pointers. Good pointers but I was also feeling pressured by him watching me, sheesh. Third day, I did scanning for the first half then re-bin for the second half. Yesterday...re-bin for the WHOLE FUCKING DAY. Maan, my legs were so tired.

What's killing me are the fucking stairs. Go up two flights of stairs. My poor fucking knees. They have a breakroom up there and I wised up on Saturday, bringing my lunch bag with me up to the second floor so I could just use the break room there instead of tripping down to the first floor. Oh, we're working on the first floor today. SIGH. In the last hour and a half my bra decides to unhook in the back and to really understand how tired my legs were, I did not want to go up the stairs to the bathroom to fix it, suffered through flapping bra and straps. And didn't go back for my wonderful free water bottle when I forgot it because I was too tired of the stairs lol.

But...I am liking it! Only drawback is how much I'm sweating, they claim it's 73 degrees but feels warmer than that to me. If they don't have any kind of AC for the summer time I am not going to be able to work there, it's going to be too fucking hot. Yes, they will let you wear shorts and camis and such but that's not really a lot of help and who has time or desire to shave legs when you're working three different jobs in a week? My re-bin partner last night asks me what I'm doing on my days off and I wanted to cry at the thought that it will be spent working and not relaxing. So I won't be doing this thing with RMSI forever, just long enough to make sure Amazon won't dump me for not being fast enough. My partner last night said I'm "tenacious" which is pretty much it. I slog along doggedly, even if I don't like the job, because what else am I gonna do. Also, if I only make it to summer with Amazon, I will at least have about 6 months of warehouse experience under my belt.

The company culture is kinda amusing in its determination to be average hipster folk.